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Sights on the Verge of Extinction


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10 places on the planet that should be visited before they fully vanish away.

1. Dampier Rock Art Complex, Australia The biggest collection of the cave art in the world is referred to the 10000 B. C. The industrial development has already damaged 24% of petroglyphs, and the recent discovery of natural gas in this region is a one more threat to the petroglyphs.

2. Sonargaon-Panam City, Bangladesh

The architecture of the XV-XIX centuries is represented in this ancient city. Floods, constantly increasing sea-level, earthquakes, vandalism - soon the city can disappear.

3. Chinguetti Mosque, Mauritania, West Africa

The medieval Chinguetti Mosque, found in one of the seven holy Islamic cities in Mauritania, West Africa was built in 13th century. Here made their stops the merchants from the Sahara Desert. Desertification, extreme temperatures and soil erosion are the constant threat to the mosque.

4. Panama Canal

One of the most impressive engineering achievements, the Panama Canal is still used by the International Navigation Association. At most 40 ships pass through this canal every day. However, the amount of silt grows bigger and bigger, which may make the using of the canal for the ships navigation impossible.

5. Dhangkar Gompa, India

One of the five main Buddhist temples was built about one thousand years ago. This temple was found in a distant region on the border between India and Tibet. The erosion of the soil of the hill on which the temple is situated can lead to its full destruction.

6. Old Damascus, Syria

One of the oldest inhabited cities in the world. Many Christian and Islamic religious sources make references to the namely this city's places.

7. Babylon, Iraq

Situated 80 km South from Baghdad, Babylon was initially the city of Mesopotamia, the region that many people consider to be the cradleland of civilization. 2300 B. C. people believed also that Babylon is a holy city. This ancient city was damaged during the Iraq's military conflicts.

8. Leh Old Town, India

The ancient capital of the Ladakh kingdom, Leh Old Town - is a medieval city, known for its abbeys and the diversity of wild nature. Due to rainfalls the monuments of ancient architecture are slowly ruining.

9. The Coral Triangle, Sulu and Sulawesi seas

In the seas between Indonesia, Malaysia and Philippines there is a Coral Triangle, in which one can see more than 450 types of corals. The recent study from Johns Hopkins University have shown that about 70% of coral reefs in the seas of South-Eastern Asia are under the danger of destruction due to poachers, fishermen using cyanide and dynamite, and industrial pollution.

10. Greenland

Ice covers about 81% of Greenland and composes 1/20 of all the ice in the world. If this layer melts down, Greenland will crack and become an archipelago, the famous glaciers will disappear. Polar bears will be left without their living environment, and quickly melting ice can lead to mass flood.

Scientists often talk nowadays about the new epoch of the Earth that has already began and the influence of the mankind is the central part of their theory. Well, only the time can judge these theories that arise one after another, but the places of interest really disappear one after another and those who still want to see them all - should hurry.

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