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Kenya Africa Sell off Vacation - Best Sell off Vacation in Kenya


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Africa Kenya is offers the best sell off vacation in the continent. The comparative advantage of Kenya tourism offering is in the diversity of its vacation product. The spectrum of tourism activities in Kenya ranges from the turquoise colored waters resting on powderly white sandy beaches to the expansive savanna velds; the the rugged desert sands of northern kenya to the montane ice-capped Kenya mountains; the big five Kenya animals to the small many crickets and ants (bugs too).

Thrown into these main Kenya tourism highlights are many scenic places atop undulating knuckle shaped blue silhouettes of mountain ranges to the misty coloured and massive Great Rift Valley. The Great Rift Valley stands as evidence of failure of the earth’s splitting forces of the original single mass earth of pangea. African continent in its stubbornness refused to yield to the forces that created the other four continents (Australia included).

Kenya Beach Sell Off Vacation

Kenya boasts over 800 km long white sandy beaches with a sheltered coastline. A coral reef runs parallel to the beaches and protects the shore from the breaking waves. This makes a holiday haven for swimming in the warm turquoise colored waters of east Africa Kenya. Vacationing in Kenya beaches is an out right sell off holiday due to the lower prices compared to other famed but crowded destinations like the African and European Mediterranean coast.

The Kenyan coast is also characterized by an all white sandy sandy beaches. No rocky beaches here, sorry! Swimming in the Kenyan beaches is a big holiday adventure. The waters, besides being sheltered by a magnanimous coral reef, have warm tropical waters which even at night are several degrees warmer than the cooler night air. Mombasa in Kenya coast is the Kenyan beach tourism mecca.

One can choose to buy a sell off vacation in one of the beach resorts near the Mombasa town which are relatively developed and hosts a larger population. An alternative is to buy a luxury beach vacation in some of the northern Mombasa beaches which are more exclusive, remote and private. Some of these more remote beaches in Mombassa even have white sand dunes extending way beyond the shore line and offering some of the most breathtaking, quiet and secluded beach locations. In these beaches, near the tana river delta, the kenyan tropical coastal jungle is so dense that you will find elephants and lions having a nap or swim right on the beach.

The Mombasa Kenya hotels near the town and in Diani offer affordable Africa Kenya beach holidays. In most cases the holiday packages are all inclusive. A cheap all inclusive Kenya beach holiday will usually include the beach hotel stay, several water sports, an inland safari, transportation to various sites within the Mombasa old town among other tidbits. This is the best bargain sell off vacation in Africa that money can buy.

Kenya animal sell off vacation

Kenya tourism attractions go beyond the beach. The over 57 Kenya animal national parks, one is spoilt for choice. The most popular Kenya animal parks include

  • Masai mara black-maned lions and wildebeest migration kenya national park
  • amboseli elephant national park
  • the tsavo man eater lions national park
  • the samburu national park
  • the aberdares tree lodge national park
  • Mt. Kenya Africa mountain national park
  • Lake Nakuru flamingo national park
  • Nairobi city national park-Africa park within a city
  • Lake Turkana Kenya north overland tour Africa place among other Kenya sell off vacation

    destinations spots
    There are many Africa Kenya jungle animals to be found in these famous Kenya national parks. Among the most famous African mammal animals include the rhino animal, elephant animal, Lion animal and cubs, buffalo, leopard animal. By far the most famous sell off Vacation Park in Kenya is the Masai mara. Offering the best bargain, cheap and budget Kenya safaris, one is able to enjoy one of the world’s most populated African animal parks. You hardly drive for 100m before seeing an animal in Masai mara. Africa Kenya’s Masai mara wildlife is so much that you will feast your eyes to no end.

    Following closely behind the Masai mara sell off vacation is the tsavo lions national park. Tsavo measures over 20,000 squared km and is the same size with Israel. The tsavo national park in Kenya was made famous by its very aggressive lions. The lions do not have a mane and are reputed to have killed over 140 railway line workers in the late 1800. The overly aggressive lions do not even entertain young males within the park. The tsavo national park offers many other attractions including the Mundanda rock, the Galana river, the mzima springs that produce over 93 million litres of crystal clear and cold water daily, the chaimu volcanic massif (popular climbing spot), the scraggy, sharp pointed acres of lava flow volcanic rocks of shetani/devil (produces ghostly sounds against the wind), the volcanic lava caves, the 300km yatta plateau, the picturesque and breathtaking plains and green overbearing Ngulia hills.

    Within the tsavo national park are many Kenya wildlife park lodges offering sell off vacation deals in Africa. Compared to many other vacation spots, the offering in Kenya Africa is miles cheaper than in most other places. All you have to contend with are the longer vacation distances to east Africa with higher ticket prices. Nevertheless, the ticket price is far much worth the African Kenya vacation. 1000 photos worth of Kenya Africa safari is definitely something to write home about.

    Enjoy your sell off Africa Kenya vacation.

    Robert is an Africa Kenya expert travel consultant in Nairobi working with Landmark safaris. Landmark advices you on your famous Africa sell off tour spots, highlights, activities, places and safaris. Get more information from them before you travel.

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