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Adventure Travel is fast becoming one of the most popular holiday choices. People are forgoing lying on the beach in favour of experiencing nature, the wilderness, and exotic cultures.

Here are some of the exciting adventure holidays that you could experience

  • Trek the Himalayas. Don’t just admire them in a photo or as a distant view, get out there and experience the Himalayas first hand.
  • Go on Safari. Take a walking safari in the Serengeti and live on the wild side of nature. These aren’t the same animals you see in the zoo!
  • Sail down the Nile. Travel the path of the ancient Egyptians as you glide down the Nile in a traditional boat, relying on only the wind to carry you.

    Team-Building Benefits of Adventure Travel

    In addition to life long memories, adventure travel also presents several benefits that you will enjoy long after the holiday ends. One of the most important benefits is the sense of closeness and accomplishment that you and your travel-mates will feel.

    Take your family, partner, or group of mates on an adventure holiday and you will return closer than ever. By working together in the jungle, on a mountain range, or afloat a rapid river, your group will come home with more than just great souvenirs.

    Family Adventures

    Roller coasters are not nearly as exciting as riding on the back of an elephant in Thailand, nor as educational. Show your children the world by taking them on a vacation to remember.

    Of course, family adventures must be tailored to the age groups included in the family unit, and while this may exclude base-jumping or climbing Mount Everest, there are still plenty of exciting adventures for you and your children to enjoy.

    Here are few ideas for family adventures

  • Explore the sea and teach your children about the ocean by taking a snorkelling holiday in Australia.
  • Climb through the ancient ruins in Greece and take your children back in time.
  • Learn Zorbing, which is a New Zealand activity in which you climb into a big ball and roll down a hill.
  • Go on a guided safari in Kenya and show your children how animals look and behave outside of the zoo.

    Adventure Travel for Seniors

    Am I too old for adventure travel?

    Absolutely not! Everyone can enjoy a good adventure, it’s simply a matter of selecting an Adventure Get-Away that’s right for you. With a little bit of research and planning you should be able to identify any potential risks that your age may pose and chose a holiday that is both exciting and safe.

    Here are some exciting adventures that pose little risk and require minimal physical activity:

  • Driving Safaris
  • Antarctic Cruises
  • Camel Tours

    In fact, there are several adventure tour companies that are tailored specifically to meet the needs of retired people.

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