Commuter Safety - That Daily Drive May be More than Just a Hassle - It Can Also Be Dangerous

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You never know when a disaster will hit, so it’s important to plan for one before they happen – having a plan and being prepared is the best way to allow you to be calm in your response to the tragedy.

The first thing you need to do, especially if you commute a fair distance to work is to have a contact plan in the event that you cannot return home due to a tragedy. The best thing to do is designate an out of town location (such as a relative’s home) to meet at. You an also use this person as a central contact person in the event that you and your family cannot contact one another.

In the event that you are in an accident during your commute you want emergency personnel to be able to clearly identify you. Keep a personal identification card with you at all times that includes your name, cell phone number, home phone number and emergency contacts. You can also list your family’s emergency meeting place and your doctor’s information as well as any allergies you might have.

You should also learn viable alternate routes in case your normal route is closed or impassable for whatever reason. If necessary, keep a local map with you so that you can find your way even if your normal routes are blocked.

It’s also important to take precautions to avoid accidents.

If you are driving on your commute, make sure that you know how to handle minor fender benders. It’s important to first get out of traffic so that you cause the least amount of delay to other drivers as well as get yourself out of harms way. Also, if you are driving, it’s important that you avoid using cell phones, PDA’s and other communication devices. If it’s necessary for you to use these during your commute, either find someone to carpool with or choose to use public transportation.

Commuter Emergency Tips:

  • If you are traveling via train and there is an accident or other emergency, always follow the operator’s instructions.
  • When you are waiting for your train, look around the station and become familiar with all of the exits.
  • If you commute via a bus, look for the emergency exit procedures that are lists on the windows and ceiling hatches.
  • If you have to park your car in high theft areas, look into getting a car security system.
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