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Want To Do Something A Little More Adventurous In Russia?

Stephen Chua

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Today Russia is open to everyone, it has so much to offer whether you are interested in taking an historical trip around its imperial past or if you want to do something a little more adventurous. So what kind of Russia adventure travel can a person expect to be able to do when visiting this country? We will look at a just a couple of more adventurous types of traveling you could think of doing in Russia.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union more than a decade ago now more and more foreigners are traveling through it, but it can still be a difficult place if you are unable to speak the language. However, wherever you go in Russia you will find that the people are incredibly warm and inviting hosts. Certainly if you are looking for some where that takes you away from the normal holiday routes then you should consider some of the following when looking for a more adventurous traveling experience in Russia.

1. Trans Siberian Railway

During this journey which takes you from Vladivostok Moscow to the wilds of Khabarovsk in the heart of Mongolia and on to Lake Baikal and the snowcapped mountains of the Urals. This journey is a total of 6,135 miles in distance and during it you will pass through 8 different time zones. The trains are very comfortable, but it is the beauty of the country as you pass through the various areas that really gets an adventurers juices flowing.

However if you think this a bit staid for a adventurous journey in Russia you could try the following instead.

2. Journey to the North Pole

With this type of Russia adventure travel you are given a chance to add your name to the very small list of people who have already made this epic journey in the past. This is certainly the more challenging of any types of adventure travel that you may find, but it will be worth it when you reach the top of the world. When traveling through the Arctic you will notice that everything seems bigger, the icebergs are massive and the horizon just seems to go on forever. Certainly many people have found this particular Russia Adventure Travel to be a very humbling experience and has put life in to perspective for them.

So as you can see Russia has so much more to offer the adventurous traveler than just visiting the many historical cities that until 10 years ago were only ever seen on television.

Stephen Chua is a nature lover and the owner of, which provides tips and information on trekking and adventure travel . Visit and download your free copy of “How To Prepare For Your Next Trekking Adventure" report.


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