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How to Build a Swag Camp Oven Using a Cardboard Box


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Here are some instructions for a great swag camp oven you can use anywhere, no fire needed, and can be used under your swag tarp on rainy days, just needs some ventilation and don't put it in your swag.

Here is a list of the stuff you will need.

1 cardboard box approx. 50cms square (a fruit box is ideal).
1 roll aluminium foil.
5 metal spikes or straight wire or skinny tent poles.
2 aluminium foil cooking dishes.
1 roll Paper (masking) tape.

How to put it together. . .

To build the lid cut the top off of the box about two inches from the top.

Line the lid and the bottom half of the box with foil, overlap and wrap around on the outside with tape.

To secure the foil to the lid make hoops with the masking tape and press the foil into place.

Insert the straight wire through the sides of the box about half way up the side to make a rack to place the foil dishes on.

How to get it cooking. . .

Place about 12 heat beads and 2 firelighters in a foil tray, let them burn until the flames have died out and they have turned white. Some new heat beads are better as they do not require firelighters and so no smell. Once white hot, the heat beads will provide about 2-3 hours of good heat. But you need to be patient, it takes about an hour for the heatbeads to really start working, so you need to get started early.

When the heat beads are ready, place the bottom half of the box over them, leaving one end propped up about half an inch to provide ventilation and keep the heatbeads burning.

Place your cooking dish full of food on the rack of wire. Place the lid on, foil side down.

You can successfully cook roast beef, lamb, pork and vegetables, even bread, cakes, scones, muffins, etc. . Just about anything you can cook in your oven at home can be cooked in a swag camp box.

When you are finished you can just put everything in the rubbish bin, no clean up means more fishing time.

You can cook a simple roast dinner on the ground under your swag awning or tarp, a great idea on a wet day.

This oven is especially suited to swag camping as it folds flat, can be stored easily, and needs no firewood.

Give it a go the next time you find yourself hungry for some swag style cooking.

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