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Planning A Group Holiday Doesn't Have To Be Difficult


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Have you ever planned a group holiday, only to face unanticipated dilemmas along the way? If so, you're certainly not alone. In fact, most people fall into a set of common pitfalls when travelling in groups. Simply put, group holidays can be a drag if they're not planned carefully and with respect to all individuals involved. But is it really possible to please everyone? The answer is yes: by following a few simple steps, you can ensure your group holiday goes smoothly - even if everyone’s idea of a ‘good time’ is a little different.

One of the most common problems encountered on group holidays is that everyone wants to do something different. This can result in a great deal of wasted time, not to mention a few unhappy travellers. But what can you do to ensure your group holiday remains exactly that? It’s wise to start off with a list of potential holiday activities; this will not only give all the travellers in the group an idea of what everyone else wants to do, but it will also help with the process of building an itinerary down the line. Try to brainstorm for ideas which are particularly ‘group friendly’, such as visiting a spa retreat or taking a golf outing.

Moreover, remember that you can always schedule multiple activities to take place at the same time - particularly if the group is big. If on a given day, for example, half the group wants to go shopping and the other half wants to go to the beach, you could hold two separate activities and meet up for lunch later in the afternoon. However, if the group is small and you’d prefer to stick together, build a compromised itinerary inclusive of activities to satisfy everyone.

Another step you can take to minimize wasted time during your holiday is to designate different individuals to take charge of various aspects of the trip, such as making dinner reservations, calling taxis or dealing with accommodation arrangements. Aside from facilitating a smooth-running holiday, this will ensure that all the planning and organization doesn’t fall on one person.

If you’re planning a group holiday, rest assured that there are a number of hotels which can cater specifically to big groups. Whether this includes large-suite accommodation, group rate packages, or activity and tour deals, everyone is guaranteed to have a great time together. And isn't that just what a group holiday is all about?

Martin McAllister is a freelance online journalist. He lives in Scotland.


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