The World Wonders Of Nature


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Mountain Everest is the highest mountain in Himalayan chain which is considered to be the highest chain of mountains in the world. Everest goes up the sky five and a half miles above sea level. It always attracts numerous numbers of brave hearts who want to conquer the mountain whatever price they have to pay for this. Very often the price has become too high and tens of climbers died due to cold, avalanche, bad weather, wind and lack of oxygen.

Eight attempts to climb the Everest were made, six of such expeditions failed and resulted with human deaths. Only in 1953 after months of thorough preparation a thirty—three year old climber Edmund Hillary from New Zealand and his companion, local Nepal climber Tenzing Norgay managed to reach the Everest peak. Now the Everest is also attracting many visitors and climbers and inspiring them to discover ancient legends and myths about fairy lands.

Such stories and the incredible view of the majestic mountain have inspired many artists to create masterpieces in cinematograph, arts of painting and literature.

Yellowstone National Park is another creation recognized by the scientists and the world natural wonder. It is the largest park in the USA. It covers area of three thousand four hundred and seventy two square miles. Yellowstone National Park can be called as the world in the world. It has high mountains and cliffs, waterfalls, steaming and bubbling hot springs and about ten thousand geysers. The wildlife of the Park is full of bison, mooses, elks, bears and small animals.

The Park has its own environment which leaves scientists tons of material to learn.

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The Seven Wonders of the Ancient (and Modern) World
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