How Not to Let Your Kids Drive You Crazy During Your Family Vacation

Nathalie Fiset

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Family vacations are generally tortuous for both parents and children, but since it’s only families who go to vacations together that stay together, neither of them have any choice. Parents will have to make sure that their kids remain safe without being a spoilsport while kids will have to devise a way to have fun without getting caught.

If you’re planning to have a family vacation soon, here are some tips to ensure that your family vacation would be both pleasant for you, your partner, and your children.

Tips and Ideas to Have a Perfect Family Vacation

Choosing the Right Location – Not all vacation spots can offer the types of entertainment that your kids would be interested in. Research online at least a month in advance and look for places that focus on providing fun for the whole family. Avoid going to places that require you to wait in line like theme parks. If you intend to visit famous tourist attractions, consider doing so during off-peak season.

When you have a list of such places ready, the next thing you do is find which ones of them fit your budget. Narrow the list further by selecting the places which you’ll be able to reach in the shortest time possible. Remember that kids are notoriously bad travelers because of the amount of complaints they can make so it’s important that you don’t head for any site which will require you to spend long hours on the road. If you really wish to head for a distant place, consider taking the plane.

On the Way Activities – If you’ll be spending an inordinate amount of time cooped inside a car, ship, or plane in order to get to your destination, you’ll need to prepare a number of activities to keep your kids occupied. Without such activities, your kids will probably be bored and restless after an hour’s worth of travel and they’ll be nagging you ceaselessly afterwards.

During Vacation – Here’s what you should do to prevent your kids from going wild the moment you and your family arrives at your vacation destination.

Provide your kids with their own money, and let them savor the idea of being the adult and in control of their finances. Of course, make sure that they understand that they’re also responsible for keeping the money safe and making it last till the end of vacation.

Give them their own wardrobe space and have them unpack their belongings by themselves. This will certainly keep them busy for at least half an hour.

Promise them incentives every time they follow your orders.

If you and your partner need some private time, don’t leave them alone with only the television set to keep them company. Make sure that you’ve also packed their video systems as well as their toys so they’ll have a variety of activities to choose from.

When eating meals, allow them to eat by themselves and spend time with their newfound friends. And as this is a vacation, when you do eat out together as a family, give them the freedom to choose their own food.

Besides touring the resort or hotel, you should go out and explore the area. Here are some possible places of interest for your family.

Museums – With the right story, even museums that display old paintings can be incredibly interesting to your kids. So brush up your history knowledge and prepare to introduce the past to your children.

Parks – There are so many things to do in the park so it’s highly unlikely that your kids will be bored when visiting them.

Zoos – Most kids love animals so as long as none of your children are zoophobic, you should definitely bring them to places like zoos, butterfly gardens, aviaries, marine theme parks and so forth.

Parties and Festivals – There are always lots of public activities prepared during festive occasions. Check with your hotel or resort if there are such events to be held during your stay.

Family vacations are hits and misses for most people, so don’t feel too bad if you don’t get it right the first time. Knowing that you’ve done your best to make the whole vacation wonderful for everyone will certainly be enough for your kids.

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