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Coastal South Carolina is a powerful force when it comes to drawing people away from their jobs, their responsibilities, and best of all, their worries. Most people know about Charleston and the incredible magnetism it has; the way it fascinates travelers and takes them to a seemingly different time as well as an altered state of mind. There are a few spots surrounding this southern city that also pack a pretty good punch, one of which is Folly Beach. A visit here, and one that takes advantage of a vacation home, is sure to provide the kind of break from reality that will restore your faith in the power of a good old-fashioned day at the beach.

Folly Beach is 12 miles from Charleston and sits upon a cozy and scenic barrier island. A few dozen vacation rentals are poised along the shoreline, emitting much charm and begging worn-out travelers to take advantage of their unique amenities. Staying in a spacious house along the beach, with a real front door, porch, lots of sun-filled rooms and enough unexpected details to bring a smile to your face again and again, will lay the foundation for a memorable vacation. If you’ve so far only taken the hotel route, you’re in for a wonderful surprise.

Imagine a trip for you and your family; it’s been a while since you’ve all been together for a quality few days that doesn’t require any driving to sports practice, throwing together hurried meals, or rushing to catch the bus, the train, the carpool, etc…Just being able to relax side by side, to sleep in a little and ignore the clocks will be a privilege, and you haven’t even come to the activities of Folly Beach yet.

This destination is known for being a good surf spot, and frequent reports will tell you if it’s a good time to catch a wave or not. Sailing, snorkeling and swimming are of course popular here, as are fishing, paragliding and water skiing. Basically, if it involves wearing a swimsuit and catching some speed, you’ll be able to get your fix at Folly Beach. Lounging on the sand is also a must; after all, that’s what you’ve been dreaming about as you gaze forlornly at the drab scene that is your cubicle/laundry room/traffic jammed ride to work?

Your rental property will probably come equipped with several amenities you’re not accustomed to having, so inform yourself ahead of time. Pack a little lighter because you’ll have a washer and dryer on hand to clean your clothes half way through the trip. You can even do a load the day before you head back home to avoid that suitcase-full-of-dirty-laundry depression that so often casts a pall over the already difficult transition that comes at the end of a trip.

You’ll also be able to count on spending less money on food, as the kitchen in your rental will be as easy to navigate as your own. Pick up a few groceries and then relax; fix lunch or dinner when you feel like it without having to herd everyone around, stay barefoot all day long. This option will ease your mind and your pocketbook, and it’s one that shouldn’t be overlooked.

It will be fun to visit the “downtown” area of Folly Beach, there are a few art galleries, restaurants, there’s a pier and the occasional festival. Soak in the atmosphere of this laid-back locale, but don’t be surprised if your own private home away from home tempts you back before too long. You and your gang will love to just sit back and watch a movie, play a board game, cook on the grill and generally coexist peacefully. The background is nice and all, but it’s the people you love who are the best part of this trip. Fortunately your Folly Beach Vacation Rental does a great job of accentuating this most valuable aspect of the holiday.

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