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The U. S. Virgin Islands make up a trio of tempting vacation destinations, so how to choose the one that’s right for you? Honestly, they could all show you a good time, but for those individuals with an appreciation for peace and quiet and a soft spot for nature, St. John might be a fitting choice. This island is pretty teeny-tiny, but it’s packed with incredible beaches, fragrant flowers, stunning scenery, and an array of comfortable vacation rentals that will take your trip to the next level.

Previous beach vacations have been fun; it’s always nice to feel the sand between your toes and experience a few sun-dappled adventures on land or sea, but not every moment rings true. When much of your time is spent driving to the beach or to other landmarks, when you open your wallet every hour or two just to keep your group happy and well-fed, or when you constantly find yourself thinking, “if only this place wasn’t so crowded…” then you might be of a mind to switch things up this time around. When you come to St. John, you’ll find everything to your liking, especially your well-chosen vacation rental.

Imagine oohing and aahing as you make your way from the ferry dock to the property that you picked out online. Because you’ve never seen it in real life, you feel a little nervous about how it will measure up, but in a short time you’ll realize you had nothing to worry about. Unlock the door and step forward into a real home, one that will house you in comfort for the duration of your stay on this enchanted little isle. Hopefully you’ve taken off enough time from work to truly settle into the holiday state of mind.

The villa, cottage, condo or house that you choose will be unlike any hotel on the earth. From the private patio to the spacious kitchen, the panoramic views to the walk-in closets, you’ll thank your lucky stars you had the foresight to add a bit of oomph to this trip. Ultimately it’s about choice. Everyone likes to be in control, and to have an array of options spread before you will make you feel like you are the master of your own destiny. Sleep as long as you want, eat breakfast in the nook or at a nearby restaurant, hit the beach or find a shady spot to read your book…each moment holds a hundred possibilities.

Another positive feature of your vacation rental is privacy. Never will you hear the voices of your neighbors coming home after a wild night on the town, there will be no fighting over parking spots, and your view of the sea will be untarnished by skyscraper-like hotel buildings. Within your villa, you can escape the night-owls who like to watch movies until 1 am and when you need a bubble bath, it’ll be yours for the taking. The master bedroom will allow you to close the door to your own little world within a world, a detail that would be hard to pull off in a standard hotel room.

Proximity to the beach, to the shopping plaza, grocery store and nature preserve is also a part of your vacation rental experience. Granted, St. John isn’t very big, but having all the hotspots within walking distance is still something to look forward to. Leave all thoughts of gas prices behind as you rediscover that your own two feet are perfectly capable of taking you where you need to go.

St. John’s beaches are simply lovely; Trunk Bay is a place that will grab you the first time you see it and come to your mind at random times once you’ve returned to your normal life. Get your fill while you’re here, but don’t be surprised if you end up returning for another taste somewhere down the road. This means that you can either rent the same fabulous vacation property again, really creating the feeling of coming home, or you can try one of the others. There are dozens of St.John Vacation Rentals to pick from, so go online today and set the wheels in motion.

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