5 Easy Step to Caribbean Honeymoon Vacation


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Spending your honeymoon at the Caribbean is a great thing. But, like any vacation planning, you should start somewhere.

Here are the 5 easy steps to have a great Caribbean honeymoon:

1. Plan a head of time. Planning your Caribbean honeymoon should not come second after planning your wedding. They should be planned at the same time. Make research online or ask for the assistance of your travel agent. Read travel magazines. This would give you an idea where to go and would help you decide what particular Caribbean destination you would go. Read reviews about the different Caribbean hotels are resorts. User reviews will let you know what previous guests have experienced while expert reviews will let you inform about the pros and cons of the place. Find the best hotel or resort you can afford. Here, you must decide what type of accommodation you would get. Make sure you can afford your honeymoon or if not, have your honeymoon registry ready.

2. Make your destination fixed. Having planned early, you should have made up your mind where or what hotel or resort you will stay. Have it fixed but give yourself a second and third option if your original plan fails. The thing is: you should have determined where and when to go. You should also have determined what to do.

3. Book early. Normally, a good 6-8 month prior to your departure booking will let you have the access to great discounts and special rates. Another thing is, many Caribbean hotels and resorts sell out early especially during summer.

4. Prepare all your documents. Have your passport and other travel documents ready months in advance. Take note that you are, at the same time, preparing for your wedding and it is assumed that you are very busy with several engagements and appointments. Have a week to prepare for all of these. Travel documents should not be neglected.

5. Don’t forget to confirm. Weeks before your scheduled Caribbean honeymoon make sure you call your travel agent and confirm all your flight and reservations. Don’t forget to do this so that you can avoid any problem at the day of your departure. Doing this would also give you enough time to make changes if there are any. Re-confirm days before your departure.

Make sure you remember all these so that you will have bigger chances of a smooth and hassle-free Caribbean honeymoon.

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