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When you take a cruise there are a lot of different options that you have available to you, and it can get quite overwhelming at times. Everything from the first moment that you contact the cruise lines (or your travel agent) till the time when you need to leave the ship is full of decision making that can make your cruise less enjoyable if you allow it. I've put together the following small list of things that can help you to make some of the more pressing decisions and to make your time on the sea more enjoyable.

1. Choose your cabin wisely - There are many different decisions that you can make when it comes to rooming on the ship, and it really depends on how you plan on spending your time. I know that my wife and I never go on a cruise that we don't get an outside cabin and enjoy the veranda, but for my son that would be a complete waste of money since he spends all of his time outside the cabin and enjoying the ship.

2. When will you eat? - On most cruise ships there are several different options on when you will eat your dinner. They generally have an early seating and a later seating. If you enjoy the shows and you want to get your dinner out of the way then take the earlier seating, but if you enjoy the excursions then you might want to consider the later seating because you may find yourself rushing back onto the ship earlier that you would like in order to get ready for the early dinner.

3. How will you play? - There are a lot of different options, both free and paid when it comes to cruising. You may find that you want to take more of an adventure vacation and could schedule things like parasailing or a ride on a fast boat. You may also want to lounge around the ship when everyone else is in port. That can be quite relaxing also and you will find some quiet time to read or to enjoy the pool.

There are many more options available but these few will help you to get started on taking the cruise and making the most of it.

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Luxury Cruise Vacations: Six Reasons to Choose a Caribbean or Alaskan Cruise
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