Don't Blame Canada for Your Vacation Doldrums


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Have you ever wondered about that mystery land up North? You know, the one where people talk a little differently, are supposedly nicer, and are inexplicably cheerful in the face of months and months of unbelievably cold weather? If Canada has ever caught your eye or captured your imagination, perhaps its time to pay this northern neighbor a visit.

It is the second largest country in the world, so not even the most hard-core travelers have seen very much of this maple-leafed land. You probably find the idea of a visit overwhelming, considering that you don’t know where to start or which way to go from there. It’s best to take a moment to examine your vacation goals, and everything will surely begin to fall into place from there.

In spite of the fact that this country is pretty rough and rugged across most of its acres, city lovers will find plenty of intriguing options here. Ignore the uppermost reaches of the nation and think cosmopolitan; Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver all have well over a million people and will give you a taste of urban life that’s part European, part American, mostly Je ne sais quoi.

Toronto is the busiest bee of Canada, filled with businesses, residential areas, sports arenas, and anything else that “regular" cities have. What’s different about Toronto is that it is a melting pot of nationalities and historic settlements that have come together brilliantly. A large number of people who live here weren’t born here, making for a fascinating and exciting cultural atmosphere.

Visitors to Toronto will thus feel at home, as you’re sure to run into a familiar influence somewhere in the city no matter where you’ve come from. Check out the skyline, relax on the beach, walk or bike through downtown, or take in a hockey game or a play. This worldly city offers countless world-class entertainments, so be sure to keep your eyes open and your itinerary flexible. You never know what you’ll end up doing, but it’s sure to be an adventure.

If you’d like to get a feel for an older side of Canada, make a stop in Montreal. Quebec’s largest city and considered to be one of the most cultured and attractive in the world, this heaven for francophones will wow you with its constant delights. If you come in the summer, take advantage of the pleasant weather and make walking your primary means of getting around. Old Montreal is made up of cobblestone streets and buildings erected hundreds of years ago. Wandering this area will be like traveling back in time, and you’ll truly feel like you’ve crossed the ocean to a lost European town.

To truly immerse yourself in the culture of either of these cities, or one of Canada’s other metropolitan hotspots, then consider renting a loft located in the heart of all the action. Blend into the diverse crowds and live like a Canadian for a few days, enjoying the view from your trendy apartment and stocking your kitchen with local fare. There’s no better way to forget your current stresses than by living incognito for an extended break, so assume a new identity and head for the big city.

Another aspect of Canada that begs to be enjoyed is its untamed wilderness and incomparable scenery. Regions like Mont Tremblant in Quebec and the coastal islands of British Colombia are simply incomparable. Ski vacations in the winter or languid summer sessions by the sea will surely meet anyone’s expectations for what a vacation should be, so if you’ve always thought of Canada’s terrain as mostly hostile or boring, think again.

You might see a moose or two, thus reinforcing a persistent stereotype, but nothing else will allow this to happen. Lush gardens, whale sightings, farmer’s markets, and fine restaurants will all beg to fill your days, so plan to stay a while to properly appreciate everything.

Do this by settling into a quaint cottage in view of the water, with the sandy beach as your backyard and rooms filled with every comfort you can imagine. Or perhaps, if you are brave enough for a winter visit, claim a slope side cabin that will make skiing seem the most natural thing in the world. Choices abound, so do a little research and start planning the kind of vacation that other people dream about but never take.

There are plenty of Canada vacation rentals to ponder, so go online and take a look. You’ll be breaking the mold by heading to this welcoming and possibility-filled land, so be sure to do it in style.

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