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There are many North Europeans especially the Brits who dream of a better quality of life. We go on our holidays to sunnier climates to get away from he wet and cold weather back home and to experience the more relaxed life of other European countries.

The Costa Blanca in Spain has been especially popular for several decades now, with a great climate, cheaper living and now many low cost airlines flying there. Whilst Lying on the beach or chatting over lunch in the many outside restaurants, inevitably the subject of what it would be like to live out here crops up. No more wet and cold mornings, a better quality of life, more time with family, cheaper living, less importance to belongings the list goes on and on. Many have now left their country of residence bought or rented a property and have decided to take on this new challenge in life. After all, we only live once.

But living the dream does not always live up to the holiday. Take Costa Blanca for instance. This is one of the most popular destinations for starting a new life. Many believe that they can find work with their existing skills, but this is where reality hits home. Spain's average wage is about one third less than say UK, there is still a high unemployment rate and the Spanish expects to work linger hours than most of northern Europe. So whenever a job does become available, there are plenty of Spanish already there to fill the position. The Spanish will accept a lower wage, know the hours they will be working and of course will be able to speak the language and know the Spanish system of doing things.

What tends then to happen for us visitors, is to work for themselves or work for their own expatriates in services such as Air conditioning, security grills, satellite TV but again there're are so many people doing this now that it becomes difficult to start up and your pretty likely to step on someone's toes. Many buy a bar in the hope to be more successful than the last owner, but the Costas now have an abundance of bar owners who would love to sell up if they could and only a small percentage of owners are actually living the dream.

So if you are determined to leave your country and head for the Costas and intend to work there, here are a few tips.

You must speak the language fluently. Knowing few words is not enough. Have a skill that is in demand. Just being a builder is not enough; being a very good builder may swing it. Expect a much lower wage that your home country. Expect to work longer hours or at least have your day split up with siestas time in summer. It is only likely you will get a job if there is not already local Spanish worker to do it. However this may work in you advantage if you are employed by a fellow countryman. Get a job before you move out. Do not go through the learning stage when you get there.

Many have found themselves doing work they never did in their home country this may also be an option for you. If you were a secretary and would short hand well in English, you may have some way to go to do the same role in Spain, no matter how good you are. If your expectations are low and preparation and planning well executed you could be one of the more successful families than move there every week. However if you that think just by applying for a job like you would in your home country, will get you the same job, you should think again. Good luck!

Mark has a second home in Spain but is also webmaster for several websites including Home Contents Insurance and Elephant Insurance and Credit Card Deals


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