The Invicta Watch Company: Luxury for the Middle Class

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The Invicta Watch Company: Luxury for the Middle Class

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Invicta, which means “invincible” in Latin, is an apt name for a watch company that has literally stood the test of time. The company was founded in 1837 by Raphael Picard, who resided in a charming Swiss town known as La Chaux-de-Fonds. The town was home to a thriving watchmaking culture.

Mr. Picard had a noteworthy objective for his company: to create high-quality timepieces and sell them at affordable prices. (Prior to that, only wealthy individuals in the region were able to enjoy such timepieces. ) Mr. Picard’s vision for his company and client base was highly successful, and the watches created by Invicta were recognized as the quality products that they were.

World War II-Era Invicta Timepieces

Over time, the Invicta Watch Company continued to produce luxury timepieces that were as popular as they were affordable. The company gained further public recognition when it began to make Swiss military watches during the Second World War. A great number of these World War II-era timepieces may be viewed in various European museums.

After the war, the watches were met with even greater demand than ever before. However, in the 1970s, certain watch companies began to manufacture digital watches made with quartz. These watches were mass produced and often shoddy. Invicta, like other companies that produced timepieces, was nearly forced out of business as a result of this new manufacturing trend. Fortunately, consumer demand for Invicta watches was revived in the 1990s.

A Welcome Revival of Luxury and Affordability

In 1991, the company was sold by the Picard family. The new owner was an investment group in the U. S. , and the company was subsequently relocated to Florida. The new CEO of the Invicta Watch Group is Eyal Lalo, who comes from a Swiss family that has been crafting timepieces for generations.

The company employs an impressive staff of watchmakers, all of whom are well-qualified to create timepieces for Invicta. The company boasts a repair facility with technicians who are worthy of working on such magnificent timepieces. Invicta even offers its customers access to customer service via a call center that leads the industry.

The Invicta Care Foundation

Along with being a top producer of superior timepieces, the Invicta Watch Group is also involved in various humanitarian efforts. The Invicta Care Foundation oversees these charitable endeavors. In 2005, the foundation raised nearly $130,000 to provide relief for Hurricane Katrina victims. Five years after that, the foundation sent aid to Ecuador, in order to help people living in overwhelming poverty. The group has also contributed to the cause of socially and economically disadvantaged young people. Additionally, the group sends high-quality watches at no cost to U. S. military personnel engaged in conflict overseas.

Brand and Manufacturing Expansion

After the company was sold in 1991, the Invicta Watch Group has introduced a variety of other labels, including S. Coifman, Technica, and Potger-Pietri. The timepieces are designed in Florida, and they are manufactured in an array of facilities overseas. This outsourcing helps to keep the watches affordable while ensuring the quality for which they are known. The company offers a broad assortment of timepieces that meet a wide range of preferences and budgets. The most luxurious products by Invicta are the timepieces made entirely by Swiss artisans.

A Timeless Brand That Meets Modern Standards

Consumers may now select from more than 1,000 watch models produced by the different labels included in the Invicta brand. The Pro-Diver label makes timepieces that compete with the Submariner watch by Rolex, and they are priced far more affordably than the Submariner. The Lupah label is highly customizable, and it is intended for a young demographic.

The Invicta brand has survived for over two centuries, and it has enjoyed great popularity and success for much of that time. The company weathered the trend of cheap products made with quartz in the 1970s and 80s. The brand is once again at the forefront of the timepiece industry. Invicta has proven that consumer demand for affordable luxury is perpetual.


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