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Vintage Garters


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Garters were not originally designed to be a sexy addition to a woman's lingerie. They were actually first created to hold up a woman's stockings. Make them as they were made in the beginning (of better quality) or have someone make them for you. Sell them as a pair for about $75.

With all of the different types of fabrics and laces we have to choose from now, you should be able to offer a vast variety of appealing garters. Start with the simple elastic (large rubber band) types traditionally used at wedding receptions, taken off by the groom. These can be very simple but fancy looking and they are usually very lacy. They can be embellished with lace, ribbons, trinkets, pockets, and even small bells. Some women even wear these types now to carry their cell phones or a tube of lipstick. (You can make them with small pockets that secretly carry things in them). The more creative you can be with your garters, the more you will sell.

You might even want to design and offer some very basic garters like the ones worn before the invention of elastic. These were usually made of a durable fabric or leather strap and were tied on to secure stockings.

Make the original type of garters your first choice to offer, but not just these only. There are also garters that have clips on them; these were made more popular in the middle 1900's. They typically are straps (2 or 3) per leg that have clips on them that hold up the nylons. These straps are attached to a belt, skirt, or band that is worn around the hips or waist. These can be very plain and functional or very fancy and sexy.

Offer as many different types of garters as you can find, or design and make. Make sure that you offer a wide variety of sizes, styles, colors, and options. Offer your buyers the option to even order custom-made garters and charge a little more for them.

This type of product would be a great item to sell on-line. If you could create your own web site to sell your products, you should be able to be successful. Create a memorable name for your site; and make it easy to use, have excellent pictures, and easy to order from, for your customers. Make sure that you include very good pictures, descriptions, and the prices of each item you are selling. Also, be sure to include the shipping cost for each item, or if you are making enough of a profit offer to ship for free!

You might even make and offer handsome garters for men to wear. They can slip them on their arm to make a statement. Many centuries ago, garters were used to attach armor worn by men. You could design masculine garters that could hold a small cell phone or Mp3 device on a man's upper arm. Some men wear small garters to hold up there socks also.

Be sure to add a link to your website that allows people who speak languages other than English to easily navigate and understand it. Several websites will perform this free if you simply add their small bit of code to your website. This will help you sell your items internationally.

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