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Why People Wear Religious Jewelry

Bruce Markey

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Religion means a lot of different things to many different people. For some, it's a lifelong mission, a chance to change the world for the better. For others it's a deeply personal commitment to the deity they have chosen to worship, a source of strength and comfort. People who have chosen to follow a religion have many ways of showing their dedication to their beliefs and their God. They live in a way that shows what they believe, abstaining from certain behaviours and taking care to remember certain observances. Often, they will wear clothing or jewelry that represents their faith. Religious jewelry can be a beautiful way to show the world what you believe. Here are some reasons why.

An Outward Symbol

Jewelry often has personal significance for the people who wear it, but it is also visible to other people, and those who understand its meaning can find a connection to one another. Friendships can be formed on the common ground of a common faith. Even if someone doesn't share your faith, your religious jewelry may give them an idea of what you stand for. A pendant or a ring can show the whole world that you are proud of your choices, your faith, and your God.

A Personal Reminder

Jewelry is worn to beautify yourself and add personality to your wardrobe, but it can have significance that is entirely personal, and invisible to outside observers. Religious jewelry is beautiful, but there is more to it than beauty. For some who wear it, jewelry serves as a quiet and personal reminder of the presence of their God in their life. It helps them to remember their commitments and their moral standards. These symbolic reminders can be a source of comfort in times of sorrow or fear and a source of strength on days when all you can do is soldier on.

A Meaningful Gift

Religious jewelry can have even greater significance when it is received as a gift from a loved one. Your spouse, your children or your close friends are gifts from God, and their influence in your life is an extension of God's love for you. Gifting them a reminder of the God you share is a meaningful and loving gesture. Baptisms are a traditional time to give jewelry with a faithful theme, but any special occasion is appropriate for a special and personally significant piece of jewelry. Remember to add a card that tells your loved one what they mean to you and you will have given them a gift they will always treasure.

Shopping For Jewelry

Jewelry is available at jewelry stores and religious bookstores, of course, but for a wide variety of styles, colours, metals, and customization options, try shopping online. Remember that you are buying a very significant item, so feel free to take your time and wait until you have found the perfect piece. Whether you're buying for yourself or for a loved one, religious jewelry can be a treasure that lasts for a lifetime, and into generations afterwards.

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