3 Thoughts on Why Religious Jewelry is Important for Faith

Bruce Markey

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Religious jewelry, whether it’s a cross necklace, a rosary, or something personal to your beliefs, is different from regular, run-of-the-mill jewelry. It bears an important symbolic significance, and people around the world use religious jewelry for many different reasons. Here are just a few ways in which religious jewelry is different than regular jewelry, and why wearing it can have an important impact on your daily life.

1. It Tells the World About Your Faith

While religious jewelry is deeply personal, it’s also a public display of your faith to others. Everything from a small cross to a Star of David announces to the world an aspect of who you are, and tells people around you that your faith is important to you. Wearing religious jewelry marks you as a member of your faith for those around you, and that can lead to new relationships and new connections, even if it’s something as simple as a knowing nod from a fellow member of your religion when you’re out in the world.

2. It Can Help You Practice Your Faith

One of the most popular reasons that people wear religious jewelry is because it helps them feel closer to their faith, but that’s just the beginning. For many, wearing religious jewelry can act as a constant reminder to practice their faith in the right way. There are lots of Christians, for example, who like to have a cross on them as a reminder that Jesus died for their sins and, consequently, that they want to live in a way that pleases Him. Religious jewelry for other faiths can act in a similar manner, reminding the wearer that their faith is an important aspect of their everyday life.

3. It Makes an Amazing Gift

Baptisms, bar mitzvahs, confirmation ceremonies, and more are all important moments in a person’s life. They are the start of a new journey in their life and faith, and more people give religious jewelry to commemorate the event. Unlike other jewelry, religious jewelry bears extra significance to the giver and wearer, being more than something that simply looks beautiful. When you give someone a piece of religious jewelry, it shows you support and encourage the person receiving it, and it tells them that you will be there to help them with their lifelong journey in faith.

4. It’s Part of Your Faith

Some religions require their members to wear religious jewelry, or require certain pieces to be worn during certain times of the year, rituals, or events. In these cases, getting the right piece of jewelry is incredibly important.

Wearing religious jewelry may be a requirement in your religious practice, or it may be an optional way to show the world that your faith is an important aspect of your life. Whatever the reason for wearing religious jewelry, it’s important that you choose something that’s significant to you. Look for materials and symbols that are both beautiful and strong so that your pieces will look great for years to come. No matter your reasons for wearing religious jewelry, be sure to find high quality pieces that will be as strong as your faith.

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