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Diamond Earrings vs. Pearl Earrings: A Short Comparison


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The two most popular gemstones used in wedding are diamond and pearls, both because of their beauty as well as the romantic associations attributed to them, such as purity and commitment. However, it can be difficult to choose between the two. Here is a short comparison for those who would like help deciding which set of earrings to choose.

While pearl earrings are mostly limited to stud earrings, there is a wide range of diamond earring styles. The two most popular types of diamond earrings are stud earrings and dangle earrings. Stud earrings are essentially a single diamond set into a prong or bezel setting, although there are earrings that have multiple diamonds in a pave setting. Dangle earrings hang from the ear and have multiple diamonds along the length.

In addition, diamond earrings are far easier to coordinate with wedding rings, which almost always have diamond in them, unless the couple belongs to a society which frowns upon such rings. Diamonds also can be set in more ways in than pearls, which in turn will reflect the bride’s personality more than pearl studs.

However, diamond earrings that aren’t in a stud format can be problematic as the bride will constantly be worried about losing them. In addition, diamonds are often cost-prohibitive and brides generally can only afford smaller diamonds.

Pearl earrings also come in different styles, although the most popular is in a stud format. In addition, the pearls used in stud earrings come in almost any color imaginable, from gold to pink, green, blue and of course the ever popular white and silver pearls. Pearl earrings are also considerably more affordable than diamonds and they also do not have the issue of whether they are being sold to support violence. Brides also typically wear pearl jewelry, so pearl stud earrings are a natural choice even if they aren’t as easy to match with wedding rings.

Pearl stud earrings, like most pieces of pearl jewelry are more fragile than diamond jewelry. This is because a pearl is produced by an animal and any sort of harsh corrosion will erode the nacre coatings the oyster produces, which gives the pearl its beauty and color. Because of this, the wearer typically has to exercise more caution when cleaning it and avoid the majority of jewelry cleaning solutions.

For those who would like to use both, there are styles of stud, drop and dangle earrings which make use of both gems, typically using the pearl as the center stone due to its larger size and diamonds as side stones and accent pieces.

Fiona Lewis is a jewelry consultant who specializes in wedding rings and has a 17 years of experience in the diamond industry. For those who would like to purchase a pair of stud earrings that can be coordinated with other pieces of jewelry such as wedding rings , here is a short guide.


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