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Chopard Jewelry Continues to Set Precedents Across the Industry


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When looking for luxury jewelry and time pieces, Chopard carries only the best. Their current jewelry lines are worn by executives, business people, and celebrities alike. Founded by the Chopard family over 150 years ago, Chopard jewelry has created beautiful luxury timepieces capable of withstanding the test of time. To maintain their place in the upper echelons of high fashion jewelry and chronometers, the company has continued to set precedents with all facets of their designs.

Since its very foundation, Chopard watches were known for their precision time keeping as well as their reliability. Starting with a line of high end male pocket watches, the company now has a high fashion jewelry line as well as watches designed for both men and women. Throughout the decades of experience and combining the already established standards with the expertise of new owners, Chopard jewelry seems to have maintained their position with relative ease. However, they stay on top because of the precedents they have, and continue to, set.

When people buy some of Chopard's more delicate pieces, particularly women, they don't typically understand the detail and craftsmanship that went into the piece. The jewelry is often treated as though it is the most fragile of treasures when in fact Chopard jewelry is designed to last. It is very rare that a piece of Chopard jewelry, under normal circumstances, will ever require extensive repairs of any kind.

Their high fashion pieces are so well constructed that it is not uncommon to see female celebrities wearing their pieces on the red carpets across the globe. Actresses, models, and musicians alike are often see in Chopard pieces while filming, performing, or in campaign ad's. The pieces easily withstand the strain of day to day wear as well as for the fancier red carpet events.

Cutting Edge
Not only are the designs built to last, but the actual creations themselves are on the cutting edge of high fashion jewelry. Chopard has managed to create gorgeous cascading necklaces, enormous rings in any precious gemstone you can imagine, and has one of the few lines of watches that could easily be worn to a red carpet event with seeming ease. Their designers have use of multiple gemstones in a huge array of cuts, facets, and karat weights as well as the ability to blend metals and finishes to achieve their stunning styles.

Whether you are looking for something delicate, in a particular color, or just something unique, Chopard jewelry has the perfect high fashion piece for everyone. Their line runs from watches and bracelets, to necklaces, rings, and earrings.

When you are paying for something beautiful that you plan to wear, you want it to be something that will do what it is supposed to. One thing Chopard has never messed with is the reliability of their timepieces. They have created some of the most precise chronometer's available in today's market and they uphold that standard for all their luxury watches. If it is a Chopard, than it will stay on time, never run too fast or slow and their pieces are quality tested.

Technological and Design Innovation
In a world where cookie cutter jobs are the norm, Chopard has created an atmosphere for their artisans designed specifically to encourage their innovation and creativity. By advancing training and allowing freedom to create, the Chopard company has maintained its presence in the industry by succeeding at designs and pieces no one else has even attempted. Necklaces made to appear as though jewel encrusted rose buds are flowing down your neck, rings that contain some of the largest sapphires, rubies and emeralds in existence, and watches so finely crafted they are show stoppers in and of themselves have come directly from the designers of Chopard's many different lines of jewelry and watches.

If you are looking for the most bang for your buck, Chopard is a great place to start. If you can't find what you are looking for, chances are Chopard can make it for you. To become the elite, you must create on the cutting edge and Chopard has managed just that for over a century.


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