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Diamond Trivia- Fun diamond facts!


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How much do you actually know about diamonds?? Here are a few fun facts:

  • Are diamonds indestructible?

Contrary to popular belief, diamonds are not indestructible. Although it is true that diamonds are the hardest natural mineral on the face of the earth, they are also very brittle due to their unique chemical compound, which is 100 percent carbon. Therefore, a diamond can be shattered with a good hard blow from a hammer.

  • What percent of mined diamonds are used in jewelry?

Only 20 percent of mined diamonds are actually used in jewelry and other luxury items. The remaining 80 percent are deemed unfitting, and are used for industrial purposes.

  • What is the rarest color of diamond?

When it comes to fancy color diamonds, the rarest color is red. Fancy colored red diamonds are very hard to find, and as such, are incredibly valuable. The most famous fancy colored diamond, the Moussaieff Red Diamond, is also the world’s largest fancy colored red diamond, weighing approximately 5.11 carats.

  • Can diamonds be polished?

Diamonds can only be polished, or scratched for that matter, by other diamonds, or by specialized tools coated in ground diamond dust.

  • Are completely colorless diamonds considered rare?

A completely colorless natural diamond would be virtually impossible to find. Almost all diamonds possess a certain amount of internal inclusions, deformities in their internal crystalline structure and/or chemical impurities which affect their hue. For example: diamonds with an excess of Nitrogen are often imbued with a yellowish or brownish tint, while heavily included diamonds will possess a milky, cloudy tinge.

  • What is the largest diamond ever to be unearthed?

The largest diamond ever to be unearthed is the astonishing Cullinan Diamond, which weighs a whopping 3,106 carats. The diamond was discovered in a South African diamond mine, was exported for cutting and polishing and currently resides in the Tower of London, as part of the British crown jewel collection.

  • What is the most expensive diamond ever sold?

The most expensive diamond was sold in December 2008 in a Christie’s auction, to famed jeweler Lawrnce Graff, who purchased the amazing diamond (called the Wittersblach Diamond) for an astounding 24$ million.

  • What is the most popular shape and average size of a diamond used in an engagement ring?

Survey says that the average carat weight of diamond used in engagement rings is approximately 0.33 carats. The most popular shape of diamond when it comes to engagement rings is the round brilliant. However, the princess and the cushion cut diamond has been gaining in popularity, and is a great alternative to the traditional round brilliant diamond.

  • Are diamonds considered good luck?

The Hindus and Chinese consider diamonds to be good luck. However, if a diamond were flawed in any visible way (if it had any visible scratches, chips or fissures) or if it were missing its culet (its bottom part) then it would most likely be labeled as being imbued with bad luck.

Cloie Zankman has 35 years experience in the diamond industry and advises companies about Diamond Prices. Find out everything you need about diamond jewelry and compare diamond prices through additional articles written by her.

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