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Know About Best Diamond Cut

Blain Gowing

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When one discusses what is best in a diamond cut this must be divided into two separate issues.

The first is the actual ‘shape’ of the diamond. It can be round, oval, square, rectangular, pear shaped etc.

The shape of the diamond will or rather should be determined by the type of style of diamond ring or other item of diamond jewellery required.

Diamonds of the round brilliant type of cut are the most common, while the square ‘princess’ and rectangular ‘emerald’ cuts have gained much favour these past 10 years amongst the diamond engagement ring customers.

The most uncommon, but not less beautiful are the ‘pear’ and ‘marquise’ cut diamonds as well as the oval type of cut diamonds.

The least popular are the ‘asscher’, ‘cushion’ and other close derivatives.

The emerald, cushion and asscher cuts have less facets than the princess cut, which in turn has less facets than the brilliant, pear, marquise and oval cuts.

The following issue is what one should call the ‘Quality of Cut’. This will determine what is really ‘best’ in any individual shape of diamond.

The main parameter, never really talked about, except by ourselves of course, is the actual visual size parameter in ratio to the weight of the diamond itself.

One can have two very well cut diamonds, of identical weight when compared to one another will look very much different in actual visual size. This is caused by the set of proportions the diamond has been cut to. In the case of the ‘Hearts & Arrows’ type of cut, the set of proportions are such that the end result is a diamond that will sparkle very well but will look 20% smaller than another diamond of the same weight but cut to another set of proportions which by the way will, to the eye, show the same sparkle as the H&A. These are followed by what the US market call the ‘IDEAL’ cut, which, in terms of visual size is far from ‘ideal’ as well.

So it then follows, in terms of what is ‘best’ in terms of cut that the actual visual size will play an important role, perhaps even the MOST important role as it is this parameter which the untrained eye will pick up first.

To obtain this ‘best cut’ diamond one requires the diamond to be specially selected by an experienced diamond expert professional with an important number of diamonds from which to select from as it is no use simply to choose from half a dozen diamonds, a couple of dozen would be required.

This is the ‘special selection’ that we offer our customers at the Jewellery Web Shop, not selected from diamond grading reports (certificates) but individually ‘EYE’ selected by ourselves from a huge stock of diamonds. This is a service you will not find offered anywhere.

Author Bio

George Zaidmann writing for Jewellery Web Shop, the leading jewellery website that sells diamonds. I have been in the trade since 1963. I am a diamond cutter, a diamond sawer, diamond cleaver and a certified Gemmologist. I have many years of service in assorting and appraising both rough and polished diamond. As a member of the Antwerp Diamond Bourse, since 1972, I have earned the mark of the WFDB and adheres to a strict and ethical code.

We at Jewellery Web Shop recognise this and wish to make our customers aware that there is more to diamonds than a sparkling gem. Find exclusive collection of Diamond Jewellery especially Diamond Engagement Rings , Diamond Wedding Rings etc online from the website.


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