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Choosing a Diamond That Looks Larger


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If you cannot afford a big diamond ring you might consider choosing a setting that makes it look larger. There are many different settings and shapes that can make the stone look larger than it really is. A fancy shape can make a diamond look large. The cut of a diamond makes a different to how big it looks. A solitaire or a cluster setting can also make a big difference.

The round and princess cuts are usually the most expensive and the most desired of diamonds. If you want to get a diamond ring with the biggest stone but cannot afford the price of these two shapes you might consider shapes that look larger.

An elongated shape of a diamond like pear, oval, and marquise can actually look much larger than the square and round shaped stones. The elongated shapes may not be as big but they look bigger. These shapes are also more affordable. The pear shape is known to look the largest of most of the stones because they are longer and thinner than other stones. The carat is spread out throughout the stone. A pear shape can be made to look larger when you place shoulder stones next to it also.

One setting many people choose to make a diamond ring look larger is the pave setting. This actually looks like a continuous surface of diamonds. However, it is constructed of tiny diamonds set inside of little holes side by side. Visibly it can be very difficult to distinguish which are stones which can make you think the ring has more stones than it does. Often times, a pave setting actually looks much more expensive than a single stone ring and it is a bit flashier. The pave setting looks like a big cluster and it can even be hard to count how many diamonds are really in the setting. This is because it looks like there are so many that it is hard to keep track. Women also get many compliments on these rings because they stand out so beautifully.

When you choose a diamond ring where the stone looks larger than it is you might consider a shallow cut stone. Shallow cut stones are cut more elongated and less deep. These stones actually can look very large and expensive. The drawback of a stone that is shallow cut is that it will not have the brilliance and shine as much. This can be the draw back when you want the look of a larger stone. Many people are willing to make the trade of the brilliance. The fact is that you are getting a real diamond that is shallow cut. There is nothing fake about it and the diamond looks amazing. Most people don't understand the brilliance and they judge a ring based on the size anyway. If the size is the biggest concern of the stone then the shallow cut diamond will be the best option for the best price.

A big stone is important to many people when they buy a diamond ring. The desired round or princess cut diamonds are often out of the price range of many people. The best way to get around this and still be able to purchase an impressive ring is by being flexible on the shape of the stone, the setting or even the cut. When you are flexible with these three options you can find a diamond ring that makes the diamond look astoundingly large at an amazing price. You may have to shop around and look at the different settings, shapes, and cuts to make the right choice with your budget.

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Theres More Than the Four Cs When Choosing the Perfect Diamond Engagement Rings
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