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Diamond Cut Grade - Why the Cut Grade Can Make Or Break a Diamond Jewelry Piece

James Greene

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Diamonds are beautiful gemstones no matter what their cut, clarity, color and/or carat may be. With that said, it is these attributes which make the stone favorable to the wearer thereof or perhaps not so much if they are lower than what is expected. A diamond which has a better ranking with regard to the 4 C's is more favorable than one which does not. It is one attribute in particular, the cut grade, which can make or break a jewelry piece. The following will highlight why this is so.

The Cut Is What Determines How Light Travels Through the Gemstone

How a diamond is cut will dictate how well light travels through the gem. This is known as proper angles and is a key component in classifying a stone as having a good cut grade or one which is not as highly thought of in the jewelry world. If it is cut without the proper angles and is not of the utmost standards, then this could hurt the overall quality ranking in the long run. Therefore, you want to pick a diamond which conforms to the GIA or AGS cut grade standards.

A Poorly Cut Stone Will Not Produce the Best Results

In addition, if a poorly cut stone is produced, the cut grade is not that high. A cut grade which will be sought after by purchasers is often one where the gem is cut proportionally and with great expertise. The stones which have mismatched proportions will not reflect the light properly and will leave the stone looking much duller than it should. Therefore, the cut of the stone could make or break the diamond jewelry piece if it is not done efficiently.

Symmetrical Facets Are a Must

The diamond cut grade will also be based on the facets of the diamond. The facets must be symmetrical in consistency as this will help the diamond to be a top-notch gemstone. Symmetrical facets ensure that the diamond will take in light and reflect it to make the gemstone breathtaking in nature. The symmetrical facet feature is another way in which those determining the grade of the stone will judge its favorable characteristics and come up with a final grade.

Is the Diamond Cut Grade the Sole Determining Factor?
Even though a less than favorable diamond cut grade can diminish the overall beauty of a diamond, it is not the sole determining factor when trying to determine the quality of a diamond. However, it is important to keep in mind that the diamond cut grade plays a crucial role in evaluating the grade of the diamond and labeling it as a true gem or one which is adequate yet may not be the best it could be in the end.

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