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Facts About Diamond Simulants

Mithun Rao

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Diamond simulants can be defined as gemstones ( natural or synthetic ) that look like diamonds but are not diamonds. The great demand for diamonds is the reason for various simulants seen in the market today. But even as science and technology are researching to make better simulants every day, none of them can match the beauty, brilliance, sparkle and luster of the natural diamonds.

There is nothing wrong in buying, selling and trading diamond simulants. In fact there is a significant market for these simulants since many jewelers use them in fashion jewelry to showcase their designs and also sell them to clients and customers who cannot afford the exorbitantly priced diamonds. The reason why the diamond simulants are priced less is due to the fact that they are almost always readily available. This is sometimes due to abundant availability of the diamond simulant gemstones rough or the fact that they are factory produced in bulk. Using diamond simulants in jewelry can help in catering to a larger clientele since natural diamonds cannot be purcahsed by all the people.

If you are in the diamond industry there is only one way in which you can avoid being swindled or misled ever. The answer to this is simply - awareness and knowledge. Since the diamond simulant market exists on its own, there is every possibility that they make their way into the diamond market. The losses that one can incur can be very high if one ends up buying a diamond simulant assuming it to be a natural diamond. In fact, you can get into bigger trouble if you buy a diamond simulant assuming it to be a natural diamond and sell it to another customer.

Another concern with diamonds is that many so-called-diamonds are locked up in family heirlooms. These come in the market at some point during which the owner refuses to accept that fact that the piece that he has is not a diamond. For some reason it is assumed that a piece that has been in the family for a long time should be an expensive diamond.

The only way to avoid getting trapped by intentional and unintentional fraud is by being aware of the various diamond simulants, knowing to identify a natural diamond and by remaining alert all the time.

In the matter of purchasing diamonds, be extra careful! Make sure that your defenses are alert all the time. Con artists and swindlers have their own strategies of diverting your attention so that certain specific checks that you may otherwise done are left out. Keeping your alertness levels at the peak is extremely important since a small lapse can cause a major problem. This is not to state that most people who visit your store are not legitimate. In fact most are. But then the losses that accrue due to the inefficiencies of a few people can undo the profits and revenues gained from the others.

During a specific sale or purchase of a diamond do not get swayed by the smooth talk of the con artist. In case the diamonds are being sent to you in a packet or parcel, make sure that you open and check them in front of the seller. When buying in larger numbers, diamond simulants can be hidden in rough diamonds or finished diamonds. Look for the luster variation, facet edges and differences in thermal reaction.

It is obvious to state that dealing in diamond simulants can actually put you in a position of strength (as long as you are aware of what you are buying) because it positions you as an expert. The larger clientele that you can attract with your relatively low cost designer jewelry can get you clients that buy higher value items later as well.

Mithun Rao, a jewelry professional, holds degree in gemology and jewelry design from Mumbai and has spent 10 years in the industry (including running his own jewelry shop). With an obsession for gems and precious stones, he also shares a passion for music, painting and wishes to explore new places, and understand new cultures. He owns and manages the gemstones and jewelry site called


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