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Diamond Necklaces Large Or Small?


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A history of Diamond Necklaces
Found in just about any jewellery shop in the UK, diamond necklaces are extremely popular. They are either one single diamond, or a collection of diamonds worn on a chain around a person's neck. With a far higher number of wealthy people in modern times, diamonds generally are bought far more frequently. This has resulted in subsidiaries of diamonds being sold more too. These subsidiaries include necklaces amongst other things. Diamond necklaces are therefore sold around the country in far higher volumes than ever before. The exact models sold however, vary amongst retailers and the type of consumer buying them.

Large Diamond Necklaces
There is one school of thought that believes the bigger something is the better it is. Looking at this statement generally, it certainly rings true for a lot of things. For example, if someone wanted a fast car they would normally look for the biggest engine. Or if someone wanted the most expensive car, it would probably have the biggest personality, hence the term supercar! In relation to diamond necklaces, large diamond necklaces can be immediately visible and physically have bigger diamonds surrounding the chain. When Nicole Kidman wore what appeared to be the worlds biggest diamond necklace at the Oscars in 2006 she certainly turned a few heads!

Small Diamond Necklaces
The other school of thought believes that everything good comes in small packages. Looking at this statement generally, there doesn't seem to be any evidence that if something is small it is necessarily better. However, taking a closer look suggests differently. Going back to the example about the car - if the engine of the car is too big, there are many issues with it, such as fuel economy, drivability, insurance etc. You can get an equally fast car by buying a small car with a small engine, whether this is a Mini Cooper S, an Ariel Atom or even the ultimate car of all, an F1 car. In relation to diamond necklaces, many of the cutest and prettiest diamond necklaces are those that are just that, cute and pretty. They look more elegant, more exquisite and leave far more to the imagination.

Diamond Necklace Conclusion
As discussed, diamond necklaces can be large or small. In fact they could be just about any size. As long as they fit the person wearing it and there are enough consumers willing to buy the item, manufacturers will create them and retailers will sell them. The decision ultimately lies with the consumer, and the purchase depends on the consumer's individual taste. Some consumers prefer big diamond necklaces, some prefer small diamond necklaces. Either way, there is no right or wrong answer. It is a choice that consumers have to take and hopefully they will stay happy with their decision!

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