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Diamond Jewelry Maintenance


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Here are a few popular cleaning methods that you can adopt regularly for cleaning your diamonds. Also listed are a few do's and don'ts that you need to keep in mind.

Detergent wash

Using a mild detergent and warm water prepare a soapy solution. Leave your ring in this solution for a few minutes. Then using a soft brush clean the diamond, areas like the prongs and other parts of the metal band where there are chances of dust accumulation. Rinse the diamond jewelry in warm water. Finally pat it dry with a lint free cloth. A buffing cloth can also be used to give your diamond jewelry a shine. A wooden toothpick may also be used to gently push away dirt from hard to reach areas.

Ammonia wash

A 1:1 ratio of household ammonia and water can also be used to clean diamonds. Mix ammonia and water in equal parts and soak your diamond jewelry in it for approximately twenty minutes. Use a soft brush to remove dirt and rinse in the solution again. Air dry the diamond by leaving it on absorbent tissue paper. However, fracture filled diamonds must not be cleaned using this method. Also if the piece of jewelry has other precious gemstones in it, consult an expert before using ammonia wash.

Ultrasonic cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaners available at jewelry stores are also useful for cleaning diamonds. Here, in the first step, the cleaner uses high frequency waves which vibrate to create many microscopic cleaning bubbles. These bubbles loosen out the dirt in the cracks and crevices of the ring, including prongs. In the second step a high pressure steamer blasts away the particles. However if your diamond jewelry also includes other precious stones like emeralds and rubies, it would be best to first take the advice of a gemologist before ultrasonic cleaning. Also the GIA does not recommend the usage of ultrasonic or steam cleaners for cleaning diamonds.

Off the counter cleaners

Many cleaners are also available at stores. Your diamond dealer may also have given you a cleaner like the Mr. Clean - all purpose cleaner. Follow the instructions carefully while using such products on your diamond. Avoid using cleaners that contain acid as this may affect the surface of the gemstone. Also if you have purchased the solution from a store that does not deal in diamonds, consult your gemologist before using it. Avoid abrasive cleaners while cleaning your diamond. Toothpaste should also not be used for cleaning as it usually has baking soda or other ingredients that can cause scratches.

Cleaning diamonds on a regular basis ensures that they sparkle for a long time to come. You can clean them once a month or even once a week depending upon your usage. Gemisimo recommends that as soon as you note a film buildup, caused due to soap or oil, clean your ring at home. Professional cleaning can be opted for once a year, whereby the ring can be repolished and the jeweler will also check and tighten the prongs of the ring.

Jewelry Care

A little care goes a long way in keeping your diamond sparkling and shimmering as ever.

  • Remove your ring before going into the pool as the chlorine may discolor it over a long period of time.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals when you are wearing the ring.
  • Take your diamond to the jeweler once every year so that it can be checked for loose prongs or other settings that need to be restored.
  • If you feel that the settings have become loose, wrap the jewelry carefully in tissue paper and take it to the jeweler immediately. Let the jewelry be repaired while you watch.
  • Do not wear your diamond ring with other rings on the same finger as it may chip while in contact with other rings.
  • Touch it at its edges and not on the stone as it may smudge.

Storing You Jewelry

Here are a few tips on how to store your jewelry carefully.

  • Store your diamond in a special case so it does not scratch when it rubs against other jewelry.
  • Use separate compartments for separate pieces of jewelry.
  • A cloth bag or a jewelry case meant for the purpose may be a good option. Finally you can also wrap them in separate tissue papers.

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