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Diamond, The King of Precious Stones The Diamond, Wins Hearts All Over the World!

Ujwala Bapat

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Diamonds, the name of this precious gemstone is enough to bring a shine to everyone's eyes. Diamonds are the most magical gemstones every found and to date these stones retain their traditional and economic value making these most successful gemstones ever.

Diamond is important and in spite of its cost it is still in use. There cannot be a wedding ceremony without a diamond; diamonds are very much a woman's friends because these can make life considerably easy for her. Diamonds therefore are the best gift a man could give their beloved women for a special occasion.

Diamonds are valued in the same way all other precious stones are valued. This valuation is done with the 4 Cs of precious stone valuation; carats, clarity, cut and color. Higher carats with pure color and clarity will fetch higher price for the diamond. Diamond with proper cut will fetch higher price.

At times you will find diamonds with a tinge of different colors in them, these are actually the impurities, and nevertheless the actual shine of such stones is no less than a pure diamond. Some people love to purchase these diamonds because of their unique color shades.

Diamond necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, etc. there are several different ways how diamonds can be worn. Men too have the pleasure of wearing diamonds in form of stud earrings, wedding rings and bands, pendants, etc. Diamonds have been worn by men and women alike since the very early times.

Diamonds favor women more, it is said that the stone represents Venus therefore, is ideal for women for overall health and well being. Diamonds bring out the irrepressible joy and also highlight a woman's beauty. No woman can look unattractive with a diamond necklace around her neck. Chemical composition of diamonds is made from carbon; these carbons are arranged in a peculiar grid making this mineral stone. This stone is used not just for jewelry, there are several uses to the diamond and one of them is the industrial use. Diamond is known to be the hardest natural mineral stones, therefore allowing several uses to it. Cut diamonds give out excellent shine, when cut into different facets, diamonds give out a brilliant glow. If the diamond is large enough, it will glow in the dark too with its own light.

Diamonds are found in several countries including, India, Africa, Australia, Russia, Brazil, etc. In India, just like the other precious stones, diamonds are revered upon. There may be scarcely a well to do lady without a diamond. Gifting diamonds during weddings is one of the rituals followed by rich Indian families. In some regions there cannot be a wedding without a diamond nose ring and earrings.

Diamond jewelry can be found online and offline, however, diamonds are very much valuable, so check out websites that offer you money back guarantee and a satisfaction guarantee. You can also ask the website to provide you a diamond authenticity certificate and a Valuator's certificate for the diamonds you buy.

If you want diamonds not for wearing but just to create assets, no problem, you can also buy single diamonds to be used at a later date. You can expect some discount from these sites just because they do not have to create an establishment for themselves. Most of these are a highly trusted, highly satisfied customer base.

Check out some of the most attractive diamond jewelry and other precious gemstone jewelry designs!


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