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Don't Be Scammed by Fake Gold Earrings - Lessen The Risk Of Being Ripped Off

Wadzanai Nenzou

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Gold as a metal has been around since the beginning of time. It has a status symbol in this world and people are willing to do just about anything to own pure gold. This is the same for jewelry, people like to own real gold or real diamonds not the fake stuff. And let's be honest most people have no idea what the difference is between the real deal and a fake and this allows the scammers out there a field day scamming people.

As a shopper in this world of technology where its so easy for people to make something look identical to the next you have to learn how to make sure your are getting authentic gold. Here are various tips when buying gold earrings or any gold jewelry to lessen the chance of being ripped off.

If it's a jewelry piece it will have some sort of marking which will tell the karat value or purity as well as if it is gold plated or solid gold. It will have for instance a mark such as 14K, 16K etc to highlight its karat value.

Secondly another trick is to bite the gold earring and if it leaves a mark then it is probably real gold. However there are exceptions to the rule when lead is coated with gold it also can leave a mark when you bite it so be careful.

Another way of making sure is by being given a certificate of authenticity by the seller which confirms the piece as real gold. However this is depending on whether the seller is a reputable source who is not out to swindle you in the first place.

Over time real gold withstands rust whereas fake gold will rust.

You could also try rubbing it with a metal of kind as fake gold will rub off or rip off whereas real gold will not.

You rub it with a strong metal and if it's fake it will rip off

The weight of the piece is another indicator. Real gold is heavy as compared to the fake gold

When the gold earring sticks to other metal meaning there is some sort of magnetism its fake as real gold is not magnetic.

There is home testing available which allows you to do a test using various devices sold out there. The problem with this is you don't know how accurate the device is or if it even does the job at all.

To tell you the truth there is no guarantee that even after doing the above someone will not put something over you but it is something, these are measures which will lower your risk of getting ripped off its not a guarantee.

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