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Diamond Clarity - What You Should Know Before You Go Shopping


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Diamond clarity is one of the most important aspects to look for when buying diamonds. The price of a diamond increases in relationship to this important measurement - the better it is, the higher the price. Even for the most discerning jewelry customer, a diamond is a precious buy, and getting a good deal depends significantly on the clarity rating of the diamond.

Various Grades

Diamond clarity comes in different grades and knowing them helps in selecting the right diamond to buy. The ultimate rating and most expensive is flawless or internally flawless grade. Known as special diamonds, they do not have any flaws whatsoever and are absolutely rare gems that anyone would consider a privilege to own.

Next comes the very, very slightly included grade comprising diamonds of excellent quality. The diamonds belonging to this grade have very subtle flaws which are invisible to the naked eye and are rarely perceptible under 10x or higher magnification.

The diamonds in the next level belong to the very slightly included grade and have very minor flaws that can only be detected with 10x magnification, and rarely with the naked eye. However, even with the flaw, these diamonds look exquisite and give the best value for your money. Seriously consider this grade of diamond for gift-giving and for your own collection unless price is not an issue for you.

Slightly included grade diamonds fall next in line and include stones where the diamond clarity has started a noticeable decline. Even though the unaided eye can detect the flaws in these diamonds, they can still be a good buy if you're on a budget and looking for an affordable option.

The final level of clarity includes all other grades. The diamonds belonging to this group have visible flaws and are generally unsuitable for fine jewelry. However, that does not mean you won't find them for sale in certain stores. This is the point where care needs to be taken to avoid a purchase you may later regret.

Getting The Most For Your Budget

If the diamond clarity that fits your budget concerns you, there are opportunities to make sure you select a diamond you'll love wearing and be able to afford. By selecting a great cut or even a colored stone, you'll have a piece of jewelry that offers camouflage to any flaws that may be present. In addition, the cut and color along with a unique setting offers a bit of character and makes the piece something you can wear with pride.

If you're set on white diamonds, the clarity will be more of an issue for you. Color helps to conceal flaws and will enable you to choose a lesser grade. But, traditional white is what many people want and their dazzling beauty is undeniable. Regardless of the choice you make, by understanding diamond clarity before you go shopping, you'll be able to choose the best value for your money and know the difference between the various pieces you may be considering.

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