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Diamond Colors And Characteristics


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Diamond is carbon in its most concentrated form. Except for trace impurities like boron and nitrogen, diamond is composed solely of carbon, the chemical element that is fundamental to all life. And as a form of carbon, a diamond possesses a hardness far surpassing that of any other substance known in nature with 100 years in the making of its formation. Diamonds were formed more than 70 million years ago when diamond-bearing ore was brought to the surface through volcanic eruption. After the magma cooled, it solidified into blue ground where the precious rough is still found today. Most diamonds consist of primeval carbon from Earth's mantle, however, it is said that some probably contain carbon recycled from the ocean crust by plate tectonics.

Main Characteristics of a Diamond

The quality and value of diamonds are measured by four characteristics known as the 4C's. The 4C's relate to a diamond's cut, color, clarity and carat weight. The carat weight measures the size of the diamond. Of all the 4C's, cut is the characteristic directly influenced by man; meanwhile, color, clarity and carat weight are influenced by nature.

Type of Diamonds

Pink Diamonds

The pink diamond is the rarest and valuable diamond in the world. The Argyle mine is the foremost source of unrivalled intense pink diamonds, producing 95% of the world's supply. However, an extremely small proportion of Argyle Diamonds production is Pink color, in fact less than one tenth of 1% is classified Pink.

White Diamonds

White diamonds are produced by mines all over the world in a wide variety of shapes and sizes. The white diamonds recovered from the Argyle mine are particularly brilliant and of high quality.

Champagne Diamonds

Champagne diamonds are naturally colored diamonds that are produced in a wide range of colors from light straw to rich cognac.

Yellow Diamonds

Fancy yellow diamonds come in a broad range of shades ranging from light yellow to a rich canary color. A limited quantity of fancy yellow diamonds is recovered from the Argyle mine.

Blue Diamonds

Fancy blue diamonds are available in a wide range of shades, from the blue of the sky to a more “steely" color than sapphire. Limited quantities of fancy blue diamonds are recovered from the Argyle mine.

Green Diamonds

Fancy green diamonds are also available. Usually, penetration of the color is not very deep and is often removed during the fashioning of the stone. As well as in the yellow and blue, a limited quantity of fancy green diamonds is recovered from the Argyle mine.

What Diamonds Have Represented Through History

In India, the diamond has traditionally enjoyed great fame as a talisman. On the other hand, the Romans, for example, believed that the stone would protect them against poison and plague. There were those who believed that insomnia, enchantment, fear and pain could all be overcome with the help of a diamond. As a symbol of the love between partners, diamond was also called “the stone of reconciliation. " Nowadays, the diamond has grown to become the symbol that defines important emotional events such as an engagement, birth or anniversary, or to immortalize personal achievements.

How to Protect your Diamonds At Home

Diamonds need caring to keep them looking great and brilliant. They should be cleaned at least once a month to keep away the “dullness" that can be caused by skin oils, soap, cosmetics and even cooking grease. The only substance that does not stick to a diamond is water. A clean diamond will reflect better light. There are several ways of keeping diamond jewellery clean. The detergent bath is performed with a small bowl of warm suds using any mild liquid detergent. Thus, it is recommended to immerse the diamond in the suds, brush it gently with a tooth brush, rinse it under warm running water, and finally, dry it with a soft, lint-free cloth.

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