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Caring for Your Gold Jewelry - Four "Golden" Rules


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There are four simple rules to keeping your gold jewelry looking like new. Gold is very durable but its luster can fade with time. However, with proper care, your gold will list for a lifetime. Take a look at these four golden rules and your jewelry will be shining for a long time to come.

1. Don't wear your golden jewelry 24/7

The most effective way to preserve gold jewelry is to limit its exposure to the daily elements. For example, many personal care products can be harmful to gold jewelry. These include lotion, make-up, perfume, shaving cream, and hairspray. These products can form a dull film that covers the gold and it is hard to remove. So, to prevent this remove your gold jewelry prior to grooming.

2. Always avoid chlorine when wearing your jewelry

Never clean your gold jewelry with chlorine bleach. Bleach ruins gold by oxidizing the metal and turning it black. To be on the safe side, you should remove gold jewelry before doing any household chores. Many common household cleaners have bleach and other chemicals that may adversely affect gold jewelry. In addition, don't swim or go in a hot tub wearing gold because prolonged exposure to chlorine in a swimming pool can turn it black.

3. Clean gold jewelry properly

Light tarnish on gold can be removed by using soapy water and a soft bristle brush. A soft toothbrush and some dishwashing liquid also work well. Here is how to do it: Dip the toothbrush in the water and get the bristles into all of the crevices. Then rinse the piece in warm water until the water runs clear. After gentle scrubbing, buff the piece dry with a soft, lint-free cloth to make it shine. You can also use a specially treated cloth or other cleaning jewelry cleaning products. If your gold jewelry does not contain colored gemstones you can clean it with an ultrasonic cleaning machine. Finally, if you have a problem with heavy tarnish, please consult a jeweler.

4. Store gold jewelry properly

Dry your gold jewelry before putting it away for storage. Moisture can weaken springs and clasps, increasing likelihood of damage. It is also important to provide enough storage space. Keep diamond jewelry separate because it can easily scratch gold. Most jewelry boxes have separate compartments to keep all your jewelry separate however, if you don’t have a jewelry box with separators, wrap each piece in tissue paper and keep the items in small bags or pouches.

That’s it, follow these four tips and you will enjoy your gold jewelry throughout your life.

Bo Carpenter of Lewis Jewelers is a jewelry expert and frequently writes about jewelry and related topics. Lewis Jewelers is proud to carry the full line of Pandora Bracelets, Pandora Beads and other Pandora Jewelry. For more information, contact Lewis Jewelers at 877-88-LEWIS or visit

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