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Simple Ways to Keep Stainless Steel Jewelry Scratch Free


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Stainless steel jewelry is the best alternative for those persons who wish to don jewelry when they are on an outing. In addition to that, for day-to-day use, stainless steel jewelry is very good. This is due to the fact that, it is not prone to any blotting, discoloration, or wear and tear. In addition to that it doesn’t lead to allergy; hence, how ever susceptible skin you have, you rarely experience any disturbance to it by using stainless steel jewelry.

Stainless steel is resistant to stains as its name suggests. It is pretty hard and can oppose cracking or bending excellently. It doesn’t become oxidized or rusted or corroded. It doesn’t even lose color. So this jewelry is extremely helpful for daily use.

Albeit stainless steel jewelry is much robust and enduring, it is prone to scratches and so it requires slight maintenance. But, maintenance of stainless steel jewelry is uncomplicated and with some practice you are able to do it regularly.

Defend it from Hard Scratching

As the major, and probably single, difficulty about stainless steel jewelry is its vulnerability to scratches, it is good to protect it from hard scratching environment. To save it from scratches, you can implement a few simple care. You can utilize a plastic bag or a customized jewelry bag, when keeping it inside your pocket, purse or wallet. Don’t put 2 items of stainless steel jewelry together, as they can have scratches when brushed against each other. And even after that if it is scratched, you can visit a proficient buffer to discard the scratches.

How to Clean it?

Cleaning stainless steel jewelry is very much easy.

 Clean using temperate mixture of soap and water in a very smooth way. After washing with water, dry it with a very soft cloth, such as 100 percent cotton. It is not recommended to soak stainless steel jewelry in water.  If the objects have become grimier, take fully white toothpaste and soft cloth and clean the objects with them. Here, you should keep away from whitening toothpastes.  You can also utilize stainless steel cleaner to clean it. Or you can also utilize jewelry cloth and wipe it mildly.  Final alternative is to visit a professional.

A care to be executed at the time of cleaning stainless steel jewelry items is to clean vertically, and not in a circular style. And again, keep in mind to use smoothness.

Storing it

Albeit stainless steel is resistant to tarnish, you must store it inside a closed case in order to keep it safe. A zip-lock bag is best to keep stainless steel jewelry, because it offers safety to the jewelry items and visibility to you. Avoid keeping two stainless steel earrings together so as to keep away from scratching. You can also use an airtight box to keep stainless steel jewelry.

Stainless steel jewelry is attractive and stylish. It is an appropriate alternative to the expensive gemstone and gold jewelry. However, protecting it from scratches makes it appear attractive always and for this, a few uncomplicated techniques can be taken up. If you observe these ways, your stainless steel jewelry will make you look beautiful always, while you are in a travel or on residential front.

Stainless steel jewelry can also be worn as good looking cheap wedding rings and can look like sterling silver rings .


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