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The Magic in Glow Sticks


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To glow with glow stick articles in parties is these days the latest trend. These accessories are fantastic and like a miracle, they flare, yet they don’t become excessively heated! You can get them in numerous kinds and sizes and shapes and we become awe-struck about how our drink mugs or fingers or ears of our host are shining. However all that glow stick objects comprise of are certain chemical components, which go through chemical action and give out light.

The Magical Chemistry

The magic in the glow stick objects is resulted from chemistry. The glow stick articles contain one or more than one glass vials which contain certain chemical components. You need to bend the glow stick and thus it becomes active. This is owing to the fact that, after bending, the glass vials within glow sticks break and the chemical components within them come out. When these chemical components are blended with one another, a chemical action is brought about, which emits light.

The Chemical Components Brought into Use in Glow Products

Chemical reaction can do any marvel. Just like it produces water by putting together a very inflammable gas named hydrogen, and a combustion-supporting gas known as oxygen, it can create light by bringing together 2 chemical components.

One of the chemical components is usually hydrogen peroxide, which surely you are well acquainted with, because it is often a content of our medicine cabinet. The other chemical substance is a phenyl oxalate ester. This is an undamaging item and is scarcely utilized in any other product than glow sticks. Usually, esters are created by putting together acids and alcohols and exist naturally in fruits. They are utilized in scents and also in plastics. Thus, it is evident that both these chemicals utilized in glow products are safe and hence you and even yours kids can utilize them without fear.

When after cracking of vials, these 2 chemicals are blended, energy is produced which is adequate to produce light. The energy is not such a large quantity that it can produce heat or blast. It is only adequate to emit a mild, charming light.

Mystery of Colors

We are aware by now how light is emitted in glow stick jewelry. But, we are not aware of how colors are brought about in them. What is the secret behind varying color shades of light in glow objects? The phenomenon is not very difficult to understand. Besides the above chemical substances, the glow sticks also consist of a third sort of chemical substance which is a shining tint. When the above-mentioned chemicals mix with the colorant, the tint gives out colors too in addition to light.

Effect of Temperature

Heat performs a quite significant role in the working of glow products. When heat is low, their shimmer gets less brilliant but lasts longer, whereas, at increased temperature, the light gets more intense, but is exhausted quickly. You can use this in changing the glow stick working depending on your need. E. g. , when you require intensely gleaming glow sticks for a shorter time, immerse them in temperate water or even under sun. They will get a super charge and you will get a marvelous impact. On the contrary, when you want the glow sticks to light dimly, but for a longer period, keep them in ice for some duration before you use them and you will get a moderate light which will last for a longer period.

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