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How To Dry And Preserve Your FTD Flowers


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Many want to find ways to keep their FTD flowers for longer. Some may try tricks to keep the petals looking fresh for a few days. Others may try to extend the life of the cut bouquets for longer.

However, one of the best ways to keep them is to preserve them. Preserving flowers is often done by carefully drying them out. This creates a delicate yet memorable keepsake that will last.

Look For FTD Flowers That Can Be Preserved

Nearly any type of bloom can be preserved for years to come. However, it is important to note that they may change over time. Some may lose their color or be more fragile, making the easy to tear.

Common blossoms, such as roses, are often among the best options. They dry well, and will retain their fragrance for several weeks. They can also keep their color for several months once dried.

More delicate options may require additional steps for preservation. These steps include a better drying medium, and a clear coating. This will keep them intact, and reduce shedding or fraying of petals.

Get Great Results With FTD Flower Delivery

The first step is to arrange for an FTD flower delivery service. Some may do this simply to have blooms that can be dried and kept. Others may choose to use a bouquet that has already been delivered.

There are three options for preserving any type of flower bloom. These include air, dehydration and soaking in a drying medium. Each drying option has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Air drying takes the longest, but is easy and free to do at home. The stems can simply be placed on a net or mesh, or tied upside down. This allows them to dry over the period of a few days or a week.

Doing this can sometimes lead to the FTD flower forming mold. Mildew and mold may grow, depending on the moisture levels at home. It may also attract dust, which can aggravate those with allergies.

A dehydrator is one of the fastest ways to dry out any bouquet. These are commonly used to dehydrate food, but can also handle blooms. In many cases, they can finish the task within just a few short hours.

When using a dehydrator, it is important to monitor the blossoms. If they become too warm or dry, they may become too fragile. It is also important to monitor them to prevent color fading.

A drying medium is a good option for preserving full blossoms. A jar or bowl filled with the medium can be left on a shelf or table. The blossoms can then be submerged and left for a few days to dry.

Preserve FTD Flowers Online In Scrapbooks

FTD flower arrangements may also be used to decorate a scrapbook. Before adding dried petals to a scrapbook, they must first be protected. Protecting the petals can prevent accidental fraying or breakage.

The best way to protect petals is to use a clear coating on them. This coating is available through a number of craft stores. It is used to provide a transparent coating that keeps petals safe.

The coating should be used sparingly, and allowed time to dry fully. Once it is dried, the blooms can be added to any scrapbook page. This is a good way to preserve FTD flowers and the memories they have.


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