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A Large Plush Horse at Home for Unending Fun


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Most stuffed toys available in the market are based on animal designs, the most common being the teddy bear. A number of these, however, are the cuddly types, animals which are preferred to be hugged. It is a fresh experience to have a large plush horse, which kids cannot only hug but ride as well. With a large plush horse, children will experience how it is to ride on these animals that have long muscular legs that provide them speed. The ancestors of the modern horses used to have 2 extra toes on their hoofs but these were transformed into strips of bones that run from the upper middle section down to the cannon bone.

A horse’s diet mainly consists of grass and grains. They use their sharp incisors to clip their food. By looking at the condition and number of a horse’s teeth, we can determine their age. When they reach the age of 5, most of their teeth are already permanent. Mares have 36 teeth, while stallions have 40. Their sense of sight, hearing, and smell are all very high.

Horses have a very developed motor coordination. It is also interesting to know that their eyes can move independently, meaning, one eye can look straight forward while the other can glance backward. Their brains can process this motor movement simultaneously. However, for a mammal, horses are not very intelligent.

The high sensitivity of their sense of smell enables them to pick up scents from a far distance. By this, they can also recognize if there are other horses or people around them. Bad weather, however, hinders this sensitivity and, thus, makes them uneasy.

Horses come in different sizes which are measured by a unit called hands. This is equivalent to 4 inches. Horses are measured from the top of their withers to the ground. So, if a horse is 10 hands tall, this means it is 40 inches high. The Flabella is the smallest known breed, which measures 30 inches high and weighs about 70 pounds. These small horses were bred as pets in Argentina.

A mare carries the baby on its womb for 11 long months. Once it gives birth, the baby can instantly stand and walk on its own. Horses are considered mature when they reach 5 years of age. This is the time when they are at the prime of strength and speed. Average life span of horses is 30 years, but the oldest recorded was 60 years.

Having horses as pets is very expensive and you would need a ranch to give them space to run about. For this, a large horse plush is the best alternative if you want your kids to experience having a horse at home. Popular stores, like Tabby Plush, offer a 4 ft. tall horses that are designed to look like real ones. Melissa & Doug also sells a golden brown horse that is 3 ft. tall. Both these stores are known for the good quality of toys they make. So, having a large horse plush at home can provide your kids the opportunity to ride them and spend long hours of playtime with them.

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