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Give Yourself a Siberian Husky Plush Toy


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Dog lovers who are also into collecting stuffed toys would definitely not pass up the chance of having a Siberian Husky plush toy. With the many breeds of dogs, this one stands out not only because of its physical beauty, but also because of the function and service it provides men. Siberian Huskies were initially used as endurance dogs in Northeastern Asia because of their capability to pull heavy loads for great distances. This made them good companions to humans, and their friendly nature eventually made them a favorite choice for pets. However, not everyone is privileged to own one, so a Siberian Husky plush toy offers a good alternative.

According to studies, Siberian Huskies is one of the oldest breeds of dogs. It was the Eskimos who bred them. In fact, husky is pronounced to sound like Esky, a shortened version of Eskimo. Huskies were known to have originated in Eastern Siberia. Physically, they somewhat look like wolves, and are slightly similar to the Samoyed Spitz and Alaskan Malamute.

There are different colors of Siberian Huskies, ranging from white, black, silver gray, or combinations of these. They have thick, double layered coats that shed throughout the year. This means that they require proper and regular grooming, like daily combing.

Also worth complimenting are their eyes. They are almond-shaped and are either amber, brown, dark blue, or ice blue in color. There are instances when each eye is of a different color, or one eye being parti-colored. Their noses also come in different colors, depending on their coat. Gray dogs have black nose, white dogs have flesh colored nose, and black dogs have tan nose. Their ears are erect and triangular in shape, while their tails are furry and fluffy.

Siberian Huskies are very graceful and, as mentioned, very friendly. This makes them lousy guard dogs. Strangers or intruders may find their appearance intimidating and frightening, but they are actually very affectionate even to new acquaintances. They are predatory in nature so they usually go after small animals like birds, hamsters, cats, and rabbits. They also love to run, since that has been their inherent function, to pull heavy loads in long distances. So, it is wise to be cautious when letting them off the leash because they tend to run fast and far.

Owners of Siberian Huskies can attest to the dog’s ability to break away from confinement. They usually find ways to escape from their chains or cages, usually due to boredom and the need to play. This is why having this dog as a pet requires that you allot time to spend and play with them. Too much boredom in their part may result to misbehavior, like howling and chewing of furniture and things.

When it comes to intelligence, they are stellar. Training them is easy and they quickly learn. This, however, may cause them boredom, so trainers and owners should continually teach them new tricks or challenge their intellect with new activities. It is important to keep them, as well as any of your pets, in the best of health, physically and mentally.

As you can see, it is a challenge to have a real dog for a pet. A great deal of responsibility comes with it, which unfortunately, some cannot take on due to health or financial reasons. Good thing there are Siberian Husky plush toys to take their place. Through these fluffy toys, you can enjoy the company of the breed at home without worrying about feeding, bathing, or walking them. Having a Siberian Husky plush toy is also a way for you to show admiration for the breed, for its beauty, gracefulness, intelligence, and hard work.

Angeline Hope is a collector of husky plush toys. You can view a huge selection of quality big stuffed dog toys at


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The Husky Plush Toy and Lessons from Sled Dogs
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