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Fierce yet Cuddly Wolf Stuffed Toy


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Some kids and adults, as well, buy stuffed toys not just to play with them, but also to collect them. A good addition to this collection is a wolf stuffed toy. Teddy bears and cartoon characters are the most common soft toys we buy, so having a wolf stuffed toy is kind of unique. Dog lovers will delight in having one since wolf belongs to the same family and is the largest. There are two classifications of wolves, the gray and red wolves. The gray ones come in gray or tawny buffs. The latter are those that have cinnamon colored fur or tawny with highlights.

The modern domestic dogs have the gray wolf as their ancestor. It has a slender body with a sloping back. Heavy muscles surround its neck; its ribcage is descending, and has a pulled-in abdomen. Their long limbs have small paws. Each paw in front has five toes each, while the two in the back has four each. It has a very dense fur to help it withstand the winter weather. This consists of long and coarse guard hairs with short under fur.

Red wolves are much slender and are smaller in size, only bigger than a coyote. It also has long coarse hair, with those on the upper part of their body slightly brown or buff-colored, and those at the lower part darker. Other distinctive features are their large ears, disproportional legs, and black-tipped tails.

Wolves have large heads, dominated by a wide forehead and strong jaws. Their body type resembles that of the modern Siberian Huskies and German Shepherds. Compared to coyotes, their snouts are broader and larger. And, they are larger than jackals. Wolves can have as many as 11 puppies at a time, and they usually give birth during spring time.

They can be found in Alaska, Canada, China, USA, and Russia. The kind of climate is not really a big factor to their habitat since they can adapt to any. What is necessary for them is an area where there is an abundant supply of food. Wolves leave their scent on these territories, which can be as small as 30 square miles or as big as 200 square miles, to mark them.

Wolves are fierce creatures. There is no need to be afraid, though, of wolf stuffed toys. They are soft and huggable, and resemble the modern dogs. The only difference is wolves exude an air of independence and strength. These are good characters that your kids can take note of. If your child loves dogs, there is no reason for them not to fall for wolf stuffed toys, too.

Angeline Hope is a collector of wolf stuffed animals . You can view a huge selection of quality wildlife plush toys at


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