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Learn About Kindness with a Dolphin Plush Toy


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Some may commit the mistake of classifying dolphins as fish, but they are actually mammals. It was the famous Greek philosopher Aristotle who first made a recorded study of the species. From the behavior he observed, like how they bear and nurse their young, he made the conclusion that they are, indeed, mammals. Aside from this, he was also able to observe how they breathe and communicate.

Dolphins have inhabited the seas for about 25 million years, as proven by fossils found of them. Like mammals that live on land, they breathe air, are warm-blooded, and they give birth and nurse their young. Mammals that live in the sea belong to the group called Cetacea. This group is sub-divided into three: the Odontocetes, which include the dolphins, sperm whales, and belugas; the Archeocetes, where extinct whales are included; and the Mysticetes, where the humpbacked whales fall under.

Dolphins are known to be friendly to humans. Many stories have been told of how they have helped mariners safely go back to shore, and how ships used dolphin signs to protect them. This is true even in ancient times. Dug artifacts have, for instance, shown some ornaments that bore the image of dolphins usually swimming with men.

There are other evidences of how dolphins are given importance in history. The Romans had a coin which has the engraving of a boy riding the back of a dolphin known as Simo. The Greeks are said to have their own version of this, but their dolphin is named Lassos. A more recent incident happened in October of 2000 when a drowning Italian kid was saved by a dolphin.

Dolphins also played important roles in Greek mythology. Greeks, in fact, consider it sacred. In one instance, Apollo was said to have appeared in Delphi in the form of a dolphin. Telemacchus, the son of Ulysses, was saved by dolphins when he fell into the water. For this, Ulysses was depicted as wearing a ring that has the image of a dolphin etched on it. Another one is about the son of Neptune named Taras. He was said to have been rescued by a dolphin as well and taken to a safe place, which was later called Tarento.

Most true-to-life stories involving dolphins tell about how they have saved a person. Others are about how they have helped fishermen get an abundant catch of fish by leading the fishes into the nets. All in all, there has not been any tale or news about dolphins harming men. Every story that involves them portrays their friendliness and kindness not only to their kind but to people as well.

With all these positive stories about dolphins, it is more apt that you give your child a dolphin plush toy. It would be a great way to teach kids about good values and conduct. Talking about dolphins will only bring thoughts of how beautiful, kind, and graceful the animal is. They are also very intelligent which makes it very easy to teach them tricks. Nowadays, there are dolphin shows to entertain people and to make us see their playful behavior.

It is hard not to fall in love with dolphins, and the same goes with dolphin plush toys. We may not be able to hug a real dolphin, but this toy gives us that chance. It is our simple way to show how we appreciate this animal’s kindness.

Angeline Hope is a collector of dolphin plush toys. You can view a huge selection of quality sea stuffed animals at


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