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Be Comforted by a Large Stuffed Bear


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Real bears are wild and aggressive, a complete opposite of the large stuffed bear kids are accustomed to. Soft bears, or popularly known as teddy bears, are very comforting toys. Kids love to hug them and they always make sure that they have their favorite toy beside them. With a large stuffed bear, a child can get to know more about the real lives and appearance of their awesome buddy. They can get more acquainted with the different body parts of a bear, like their rounded ears, small eyes, short tails, and clawed toes that are attached on short but strong legs.

Bears are carnivores and usually feed on pigs, mice, lambs, and other small mammals. They do not limit their diet to animals though, they also feed on fruits, nuts, plant roots, acorns, and they love honey. They live in solitude most of their lives. On winter seasons, they hibernate in caves or in dens they have built from twigs and wood. It is also the time when mother bears give birth to cubs. A female bear can have 2 to 4 cubs at once, and they usually stay with their mother for about 2 years.

Over all, there are 8 species of bears. The Black Bear, despite its name, are not all black. Some are brown or white in color. They can be recognized by the way they climb trees using their curved and short claws. The Panda Bear was once mistaken to belong to the raccoon family probably because of its unique appearance compared to other bears. Aside from their black and white color, with distinct black patch on each eye, they also have 6 claws in each paw. One is an opposable thumb which they use to hold bamboo stalks. Speaking of which, bamboos are their preferred food, but they also eat meat when bamboos become rare.

The Brown Bear is what inspired the famous teddy bear. Its distinct feature is the hump on its shoulder caused by muscles formed from too much digging. They also are not necessarily brown. Some are light cream and others can be black. They also have long claws. The best example for brown bears is the Grizzly Bear.

The most carnivorous among the species is the Polar Bear. They are very patient hunters too. They would sit for hours waiting for a seal to surface from a hole in the ice. Once it does, they can capture it pretty fast and devour it in an instant. Polar bears may look white from a distance, but their hair is actually translucent. Light passes through it to reach yellow or orange hairs underneath. Thanks to their webbed and large paws, they are also very good swimmers.

The Asiatic Black Bear looks so much like the American Black bear but they are smaller in size and are actually black. It also has a white patch of hair on its chest which forms a V shape. A smaller bear is the Sloth Bear. It has long black shaggy hair, though some are reddish in color. Its ears are floppy and it has deeply curved claws.

The Spectacled Bear is aptly named because of the cream-colored marking encircling its eyes while the rest of its body is colored black or brown. They can adapt to different habitats, so much like Brown Bears can. They live on tree tops by building nests on them. The smallest among the 8 species is the Sun Bear. They are black with a crescent shaped patch on their chest which is either white or yellow.

You cannot hug a real bear, but you can do so with a large stuffed bear. A visit in toy stores will show you that a large stuffed bear can resemble any of the different species of bear. They even come in colors that you will not find in real bears, like pink and yellow. Stuffed toys are very beneficial to kids and adults alike because of the comfort they offer during times of fright or loneliness. Having something to hug can instantly make us feel better on down times.

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