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Go Back to Prehistoric Times with Dinosaur Plush Toys


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One way to study the age of dinosaurs is to have toys designed after them, like dinosaur plush toys. These soft and huggable toys are very endearing to children, which makes it even easier to teach them about the species. Learning about things that we no longer see in reality can prove to be difficult. It is good to know that toy manufacturers have includeddinosaur plush toys in their products to make learning about prehistoric ages fun and enjoyable.

According to studies and archaeological findings, dinosaurs dominated the earth some 600 million years ago. They lived in the Mesozoic Era or the Age of the Reptiles for 165 million years. As to why they became extinct by the Cretaceous period is still under many speculations. This happened 65 million years ago, when volcanic activities were rampant. This could be one of the reasons, or it could be the dramatic climate change which is said to have been caused by an asteroid’s impact on earth.

Thanks to the intensive studies done by paleontologists, we are able to learn more about these creatures. Bones dug through the years have shown that they have hips designed to have legs sticking under their body. They were said to initially walk upright on four legs, then evolved to standing on their 2 hind legs, and eventually evolved back to walking on four legs, but by this time their hind legs are larger.

Along the many years that dinosaurs inhabited the earth, there are possibly a great number of species, but there are only 330 known ones. They all vary in many ways, like in their diet, their appearance, and size. Although most are very large, there are also some that are as small as the common turkey. Some can run at amazing speeds, while some are slow. There are carnivorous dinosaurs which are feared, and there are herbivores too. Some look like birds due to their feather outer covering and some have very thick skin with horns.

The Dinosaur age is divided into 3, in order of emergence: the Triassic, Jurassic, and the Cretaceous age. Carnivore dinosaurs are believed to have thrived the most during the Triassic period, probably because plants are also very rare during those times. The most dangerous known species, the Cynognathus, lived during this period. The fastest one, the Coelophysis, also existed on that age.

Although carnivorous dinosaurs continued to live during the Jurassic period, herbivores have also started thriving because more trees and plants also grew then. Known dinosaurs that lived in this era are the Dimorphodon (a flying dinosaur), the Allosaurus, Archaeopteryx (the first bird), Apotosaurus (a plant eater), Ornistholestes, Compsognathus, Stegosaurus, and the Brachiosaurus.

When the first flower lived during the Cretaceous period, this started the growth of more vegetation. Herbivorous dinosaurs thrived more because of the available food. Famous dinosaurs during this time were the Velociraptor, Triceratops, T-Rex, and the Proteceratops.

Buying different dinosaur plush toys will help your kids differentiate each one and know more about how they lived. The T-Rex, being very famous, is available on many popular sites, like Tabby Plush and Melissa & Doug. They come in 3 ft. sizes or bigger. Tabby Plush also have big Triceratops and Stegosaurus dinosaurs about the same size.

Both kids and parents can learn from dinosaur plush toys. It is a fun activity and family can share as they discover more about how the earth was millions of years ago.

Angeline Hope is a collector of plush giant stuffed animals. You can view a huge selection of quality dinosaur plush toy animals at


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