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Say It With A Large Teddy Bear


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A timeless toy such as a large teddy bear is, always, a joy to receive. A large teddy bearis the most popular toy in its bigger equivalent. A teddy bear is, usually, chosen as a crib toy for babies. This stuffed animal is, likewise, a favorite gift of guys to young ladies as a symbol of affection. It can, actually, be given in different occasions, as a birthday present; graduation gift; anniversary gift, get-well-soon present; and many others.

The teddy bear was named after President Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt of the United States. As he was solving a dispute between Mississippi and Louisiana in November 1902. He refused to hurt a bear and the gesture inspired Clifford Berryman, a political cartoonist, to feature this incident in the Washington Post. Morris and Rose Michtom, who were making toys to sell on their store, created a stuffed bear toy resembling the small and cute bear of Berryman. Asking and being granted permission by the president to name it after him, the rest was history for the success of the teddy bear.

Meanwhile, at almost the same time in Germany, Richard Steiff designed his own soft bear and this was created by his aunt, Margaret. After its display at Leipzig Toy Fair, an initial order of 3000 pieces was made by an American, who was aware of the latest teddy bear craze. Due to poor communication during that time, neither Steiff nor Mitchtom knew about the other’s creation.

Whether it was Steiff or Mitchtom who made the first teddy bear, no one could really tell. It is clear that it stirred a trend, which made other toy manufacturers follow the trend. Teddy bears in several sizes and versions were seen almost anywhere. Ladies brought them along while kids loved to be photographed with them. This was also used as a mascot by President Roosevelt, in his bid for re-election.

Earlier bears were made to resemble real ones with their long snout and beady eyes. At present, bears have baby like features: like larger eyes, smaller noses and wide forehead. These make these stuffed toys look more cute and appealing. Some are even dressed, allowing them to be more attractive to buyers.

The popularity of the teddy bear has been extended in story books, television shows and movies. Among the famous ones are Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Carebears, Winnie the Pooh , Barney Bear, Yogi Bear and Paddington. It is seen in candy form, as Gummy Bears.

This stuffed toy is beneficial to kids as it provides comfort to those who have undergone a traumatic incident or who are experiencing separation anxiety, those who have been separated from their loved ones by means of death, a far work destination or sickness.

A large teddy bear gives the extra comfort kids need as it can be capable of a bigger bear hug. Whatever messages you want to convey, a large teddy bear says it in a bigger and better way.

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