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Understand Flowers like a Professional Florist in India.


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This is not the usual article about the meaning of flowers or understanding which flower is delivered on which occasion like mother’s day flowers, valentine day flowers and father’s day flowers by your local florist.

As a specialist floral designer, Laxmi Lobo, a professional florist in India recommends understanding another language of flowers. She is online florist sending flowers delivery in India, Flowers gift , Flower arrangement, Floral arrangement etc.

Understanding the placement of your flowers, in a bouquet or a centerpiece, which top florist use naturally? Few rules and you can master this art too.

  • Largest and darkest flowers to be placed closer to the base of the floral design.
  • Smallest and lightest flowers are generally placed on the outer edges of the flora centerpiece or bouquet.
  • Symmetrical arrangements need flowers that are placed evenly throughout the floral arrangement.
  • Asymmetrical arrangements need the visual weight to be distributed from the focal point you choose as the floral designer.

Using harmony and contrast while arranging flowers, is like understanding the language of the flowers you handle. This designing eye is especially helpful when making floral arrangements to enhance your home or event décor.

  • Harmony means the flowers are complimenting the surroundings and décor. Similar colours and textures can be used.
  • Contrast means the exact opposite; the flower arrangement stands out differently in colours and textures to the surroundings.

The materials used for creating floral centerpieces or simple arrangements for table decorations, is another subtle but important understanding of flowers. Especially when creating wedding floral decorations this language of your flowers is vital an must be understood.

  • Line materials: are used to set the general line direction of the arrangement. These materials generally include foliage, twigs, and tiny flowers. These should be the first materials placed in the arrangement.
  • Dominant materials: these are the biggest materials in the entire arrangement and should be placed right after the line materials.
  • Secondary materials: these are slightly smaller than the dominant materials and are used to help achieve shape and add to the form of the overall design. These should be placed after the dominant materials.
  • Filler materials: generally consist of foliage or small flowers. These are used to fill up any extra spaces in the arrangement and should be the last material placed.

The height and proportion with scale of a flower arrangement is also a very important language of the flowers you are handling, especially with the wedding flowers and the small bridal bouquet.

  • In order to achieve proportion, the size and quantity of the materials in a display should make sense in relation to the container in which they are placed. In order to achieve good scale, an arrangement must make sense in its location (it shouldn't be too large or small for the area where it is placed.
  • For better scale and proportion, relate the quality and size of the arrangement to its vase or container and relate the arrangement as a whole to its setting.
  • Which room is the arrangement placed in? What is the colour scheme and rest of décor in the room? Will the floral arrangement be placed in the center or on the side of the room?

Once you have understood these very basic principles of flowers, or rather the language that your flowers speak when you arrange them, you will make the best use of the local flowers available in your garden or just choose different flowers and fillers from your local florist to make stunning flower displays.


Laxmi Lobo a sprig of fresh flowers she is Singapore trained florist creates a stunning flower arrangement. Founder of Spring-Blossoms as online florist sending flowers delivery in India, Flowers gift, Flower arrangement , Floral arrangement .


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