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Christmas Gifts in This Economic Downturn


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Here comes the most exciting times of the year and that is the Christmas time. Snow is falling. . . . , hmmm. . . not exactly everywhere, but yes that is what Christmas is all about. . . . . , snow, roast turkey, family, friends and above all gifts. Yes, gifts. . . . one of the most common way to express how we feel for our family, friends and dear ones.

People are busy decorating their houses, sales for furniture and other goods increase all of a sudden and there a special buzz in the market. Shops are filled with stocks, markets are well lit and the authorities have also allowed late night shopping.

We think Christmas is something too special for the kids, who perhaps wait for months for their Christmas gifts. The excitement on their faces is something too special to miss when they open their Christmas gifts. . . some of which are known, some surprises.

It doesn't matter what the gift is this Christmas, its just the thought that counts. Our circumstances change and there are moments in life when everyone has to make compromises. There might be days when someone might think of limiting their expenses, but that does not mean that there is nothing to gift this Christmas. There is a huge selection to choose from and in the end, its the thought that matters not the gift.

No matter who you are buying for there is always something to choose from.

Yes, there is always that question what do I get them? Well lets face it, its much easier to buy gifts for kids than it is for adults.

You buy toys for kids and that you will see them jumping with joy. Teenagers are also not difficult since they will usually tell you whether they want the latest in technology, mp3 player, video games etc. . But for husbands, wives, mom and dads. . . its a tough task to choose a perfect Christmas gift.

Keeping that in mind I have thought about some of the stuff that can be thought about this time as a Christmas gift for him or Christmas gift for her

Men are actually grown up kids. . . and would love to have a toy to play with. So when you're looking out for a gift for shopping for him, always remember to consider what he enjoys doing. Does he like the footie or rugby or is he more into computers and gadgets, he might be an artistic kind and might prefer a nice book, try finding his favourite author. Think about what it is that interests him and buy that. If he happens to be a footie fanatic and you know the club he supports, trust me, the best Christmas gift that you can buy him will be a ticket to the Boxing day game, you can never go wrong!

Christmas gifts for women really depends on who they are. Women always love things that are fashionable. I haven't seen a woman who doesn't like Hand Bags or shoes, is there anyone who doesn't. They would love to spend a day at the spa. Women love shopping, and all of us know that but please never buy her a Gift voucher of some clothes stores and gift he a gift certificate. Never ever try to do that, she would prefer you buying something for her that giving her the money to buy. Better take her to her favourite store and help her shop for something. . . . , that might be much more effective. But. . . . , watch out, you might be asking for a fairly bigger dent on your pocket.

May be the current economic scenario might not be favourable, with the gloom spread all around and every one feeling the current economic dip, I think it would be a better idea to shop yourself.

You as a parent might be thinking of cutting corners this Christmas when it comes to Christmas Gifts but please remember one thing, don't let the children suffer for something which we adults have done. What was there fault if there were some bad Mortgages, or sub-prime losses, bankruptcies or wrong government policies. They never had any idea of what we adults were doing. . . . , its a mess created by us adults and now, we want the poor kids to suffer. Just try to remember the excitement that was there on their faces when they were opening the Christmas Gifts last year or the year before. All the shouting and screaming that was going on at night. . . .

Be creative, try searching more, the Internet is your your best bet when it comes to savings, there are loads of offers, some shops will be doing sales, some discounts on value and some might be doing a free shipping. All these do help you save. Spend some time, search for what you want do comparisons and I am sure the world wide web will not disappoint you.

Yes, its always good to be wise and practical in life but please don't deprive kids of their Christmas Gifts. There are thousands of Toys for Kids available in the market with all sorts of prices, you might not be able to buy something very expensive this Christmas, but can surely afford something cheaper. Go search for something and buy it. Remember this Christmas will never come back again, time once lost is lost forever.


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