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The Elmo Live Doll For Christmas 2008

Tiffany Dow

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If you're looking for the perfect Christmas gift for a little one, you can't go wrong with Elmo Live. This doll is the most lifelike Elmo doll to have ever been developed. Not only does he talk, sing, and tell jokes, he also moves in a lifelike way you just won't believe until you see it.

The new Elmo Live doll has a mouth that moves in sync with his speech. He looks like a real muppet when you look and listen to the way he talks. He also has a realistic head motion that bobbles when he talks. Instead of looking like a preprogrammed robot, Elmo Live looks like he's just having a conversation with you.

In addition to his mouth movements, the Elmo Live doll can also move his arms in a realistic way. He dances and he waves his arms in sync with his singing and talking. Little ones will think that Elmo has jumped out of the TV and right into their living room.

If you're looking for laughter, Elmo will help you find it fast. He tells all kinds of jokes and even plays games that will keep small children - and even adults - entertained for hours on end. And he also sings plenty of songs that your children will learn by heart. You'll hear them singing them over and over with delight.

A special feature of Elmo Live is his ability to sit, stand, and even to cross his legs. He can go from one position to another with ease. And if he falls over, he even knows how to ask for help getting back up on his feet. In the same way, he also responds specifically if you squeeze his nose.

Elmo also teaches manners. When your child does something nice for him, he'll say thank you. And he always asks with his own manners by saying, “Please. " This is a great way to teach kids by example to use their manners when they ask for things or when someone helps them.

Elmo is light enough that your child can carry him around and he's easy to activate. All it takes is the touch of his foot, back, nose, or tummy to wake him up. He'll then be ready to play for as long as you'd like - or until his batteries wind down. He requires six AA batteries to keep the entertainment going.

When it's time to treat that special boy or girl on your list to a magical toy, don't forget about Elmo Live - you can find the best deal at - he really does seem to come to life with just a touch!


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