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Buy Elmo Live - You Won't Regret It


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For many parents, it's quite a simple decision to buy Elmo Live for their children during this year's holiday season. Lots of parents may have had a child young enough for the Tickle Me Elmo craze back in the late 1990's and now they have another young child, or they have nieces and nephews who are also young enough for the Elmo dolls. Whether it's a holiday gift or a birthday present, when you buy Elmo Live you are not simply buying another stuffed monster or another doll. For many kids, when they tear into the gift wrap and see Elmo, they don't see an inanimate object. They see their best friend, and sometimes, they see a family member. Oh yes, kids taken Elmo seriously, and when you buy Elmo Live, you'll see just how serious they are about it.

Pre-orders to buy Elmo Live has already begun, and many parents have theirs already reserved in preparation for the 2008 holiday season. The ascension and rise to stardom and popularity of the Muppet Elmo character is simply nothing short of amazing. When he was “born" back in 1971, the producers of Sesame Street didn't really care much about him. He wasn't even one of the prominent characters and was often only given a small amount of screen time - if any at all. To look at his popularity and fame today you wouldn't have guessed that he had such humble beginnings.
There are many reasons to buy Elmo Live. Obviously you can cite the advanced technological aspects such as sophisticated software that operates the animated motors, gears and sensors that are all within this doll's body. Elmo Live is a significant upgrade form the previous Tickle Me Elmo. As good as Tickle Me Elmo was, Elmo Live is arguably 10 times better. The Elmo Live doll truly makes you believe that he is in fact, alive. However, this lifelike behavior from what is essentially a toy only adds to a child's enjoyment.

Young children of around preschool age connect and relate to Elmo in ways that adults simply cannot fully understand. This emotional attachment is part of the reason why he has become so popular over the last few decades. Making the decision to buy Elmo Live means that you are in fact bringing home one of your child's most beloved friends. Elmo Live can laugh, tell jokes, and even sing, but even more impressive is his ability to stand up. Although his legs technically do not move, there are gears and motors in his torso that make it appear as though he is moving his legs in order to stand up. The illusion is amazing. His interactive abilities include being able to respond to having his tummy squeezed, or his hand, or even his foot. More than any other Elmo doll, and more than most dolls on the market today, Elmo Live truly brings Elmo alive.

It is difficult to truly convey the look of sheer joy that comes upon a child's face when you buy Elmo Live. That mixture of uncontrollable excitement, anticipation, and happiness in your child's eyes cannot possibly be forgotten. While there are impressively sophisticated components present beneath that layer of red fur, they are hardly the reason why Elmo Live is such a great gift. The reason Elmo Live is such a great gift is because children love him and often times they already see him as their best friend or even a member of the family. So when you are trying to make a decision between buying a normal stuffed toy or an Elmo Live doll, you shouldn't have to spend too much time. The choice really is simple.

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