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10 Unusual Christmas Gifts For Cat Lovers


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Are you like me & racking your brain wondering what on earth to buy that cat lover in your life, this Christmas?

You've got them stocked up over the years with address books, knitting bags, soft toys & ornaments etc.

But this year you'd like to get something a little bit different & show that Father Christmas isn't stuck in a rut.

To save you traipsing around the shops hopelessly searching for inspiration- let me whet your appetite with a selection of unusual gift ideas for cat lovers for you to ponder over. Then you'll be equipped with all new ideas ready to hit the shops & internet with vigour & purpose.

1. CAT SEEDS- No- they're not for growing your own cat! They are seeds for the plants that the cat in your life loves. So even if your cat lover only has a window box they'll appreciate these seeds in order to give their cat a treat. Cat's love the smell of these plants & find some intoxicating, others they'll chew on & digest to get the fibre that they need. Some garden centres/nurseries will sell a special selection of Catnip, Oats, Annual Rye grass, Wheat & common garden Lettuce especially for cats. Or you could buy the seeds separately from any gardening store.

2. CAT MOUSE MAT-For the cat lover who prefers to stay indoors, why not choose a cat mouse mat for them & their computer. They can be bought with specific cat breeds on. There are always cute kitten ones available & classics like the black cat. Computer stores & Stationers should stock these. It might also be worth looking on EBay & related Internet sites.

3. CAT MOBILE PHONE CHARM- Presuming that your cat lover is happy to exist in the 21st Century then it is more than likely that they own a mobile phone. THE latest accessory is the phone charm that adorns your mobile phone & personalises it at the same time. Most department stores will stock a wide choice of these.

4. SUBSCRIPTION TO A CAT MAGAZINE-There are magazines about absolutely everything nowadays. I'm aware of at least 3 specialist cat magazines & I bet you could find more. They all carry details of subscription charges & at this time of year they normally advertise special deals like ½ price or a free (cat associated) gift for taking the subscription out. Even if your cat lover buys themselves a monthly magazine you could save them that monthly expense & put yourself in their good books by having got them a present that lasts them the whole year!

5. CAT PORTRAIT-To make a present for your cat lover that more personal, what about a hand-drawn/painted portrait of their favourite feline? Artists advertise in the ads at the back of Women's’ magazines and also on the Internet. Prices start from as little as £5.00. But you will need a photo of the feline in question for the artist to copy from.

6. CAT CANDLES- Cat shaped candles are appearing in the shops now. Some are so beautiful that it would almost be a shame to light them. But whether your cat lover chooses to use them or display them wouldn't detract from their uniqueness.

7. MECHANICAL CAT-This is THE latest toy. Although it's a toy it is the perfect gift idea for cat lovers everywhere. It retails about £40.00 & is to be found in most toy shops & department stores. I'm not sure of its correct name or who makes them but they are lifelike & actually meow. If you dangle string in front of them they'll even try & catch it. They're absolutely gorgeous & of course don't eat anything or have to go in a cattery when your cat lover goes on their hols.

8. CAT WEATHERVANE- For the cat lover who's got everything. What about a cat weathervane? A lovely piece to put aloft their house for all to see & comment upon. This may have to be especially made or if you're lucky some department stores & local garden centres may stock some.

9. CAT WIRE TOPIARY FRAME- Staying outside the house- a lovely unusual idea is a cat wire topiary frame- so that even your cat lover's hedge can be cat shaped. Once again larger department stores or your local nursery may stock these. It might also be worth looking in some of those specialist Christmas catalogues that come through your door this time of year.

10. CAT FAIRY LIGHTS- Remaining festive a set of pussy cat fairy lights for the old Christmas tree would go down well & could get brought out year after year- when you'll always be remembered too for choosing such a lovely inspired gift!

Happy shopping now that you have gift ideas for cat lovers a plenty.

Merry Christmas everybody & a purrfect new year!

For number 11 gift idea why not visit my website at and follow the links to an excellent site offering all sorts of good advice and tips for the cat lover in your life.


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