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Sports Team Products As a Gift? What to Give to Each of the 3 Categories of Sports Fans?


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Are you looking for sports team products to give as a gift? Does your Friend, Relative, Neighbor have a favorite team? This will give you great ideas, and let you know what items are appropriate for the 3 categories of sports team fans.

There are so many people in the world today who follow a certain team (or teams). How much, and how often do they follow. . thats the question! We can categorize these people in lets say. . . three groups.

1. The FANATICS - These are die hard fans! They usually went to this school, or live in this particular “home town" They ABSOLUTELY LOVE their favorite team. You see the flags hanging on their homes, Riding on the back window of their cars, They don't have “normal decorations" in their home. . Its covered with “Team Memorabilia" hanging from the walls. . The signed jerseys, the football helmets, the plaques, etc. .

2. THE SEASON TICKET HOLDERS - These people usually turned out to be a fan because they live in the “Home town. " They keep track of records, usually attend the “reasonable games" The home games, the ones with in the next state or 2. They sport the “team sticker" on their vehicle.

3. THE “LETS WATCH THE GAME-ers"- These guy are once in a while fans. When the team is doing well, they follow. . When an important game comes on, they gather their friends over (more of an excuse for a party) If they were to move, they would most probably start rooting for the new “home team". They may go out an buy some cute sports flags to show their support, etc. . But you wont find these guys traveling for 12 hours to get to a game across the country!

So, now that we have determined out “groups", we can move on to the Gift Giving! The Fanatics are usually hard, because they almost always have every item imaginable already! They have the Tall Team Flags, they have the Mailbox Covers, The Banner Flags, etc. . You have to find the most unique items possible to really get them going. Things like Logo Salt and Pepper Shakers or Team Logo Bottle Openers. They even have things like BBQ sets with team logos on the handles, and come in a cute carrying case. Thing to remember . . . UNIQUE, they have all the rest already.

The Season Ticket Holders usually have some normal team products to show their support. . Like the regular banner flags, or Yard Pennant. Find these guys things like Logo Coffee Mugs. They have some pretty unique ones. Find diamond plate stainless designs, Insulated Coffee Mugs, the insulated ones are really great because they look good, AND are actually useful. Find cool regular coffee cups also. Get a 2 toned mug, the actual cup is half one color and half the other. . . and it comes with an cast 2" logo on it. They look awesome, and unique. Also try things like key holders, they are cute, and aren't a huge distraction that looks ugly in the home. Its just a little subtle reminder of your team, and it keeps from loosing your keys! * Thing to remember. . . COOL, not out of the box, but different*

The Lets Watch the Game-ers are kind of fun, but don't spend outrageous money on them, cause if the team starts loosing. . . they aren't going to want a big reminder of that “favorite home team" starring them in the face. Or of course if they move, they are going to start following a new team. BUT! they are the most fun group, because when they invite their friends over to watch the game, they are going to want all the cute decorations! Get the Tall Team Flag. Its 11ft tall, and its perfect to stand next to the driveway in the front yard. Or the Mini Yard - Garden Flag is perfect to place in an indoor plant, or right outside the front door in the garden. Logo Salt and Pepper Shaker Set is also perfect for them because its adorable when you want it out for the party, but you can put it away when the season is over! They are very reasonably priced, and make a very cute gift. Thing to remember. . . PRICE, don't spend a whole lot, find subtle gifts.

Now that we have that done, Go out and Shop! Remember almost any holiday, or occasion is perfect to send Sports Team Products as a Gift. You know if they like that team, you are sure they will love any product with its logo on it! Its always more unique also, its not like giving a shirt to someone, or a new tie. . You put thought into it, and they will see it!


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