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Knock His Socks Off This Father's Day!

Jonathan A Smith

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Father's Day presents should be memorable, shouldn't they? Every time Dad thinks about the gift you've bought him, even years later, he should automatically smile and think of the magnificent way he's brought you up. And there is no more memorable present than slippers. Slippers say all you need to say. What other gift fits so snugly on the feet and come in pairs that are so perfectly symmetrical that they will bring gasps of awe? What other gift lets Dad pad about the house unheard yet with toasty feet? Yes, folks, there's no better way to tell dad that his days of going out and sampling the world are over than the gift of slippers.

What? You mean he's still got a bit of drive in him? Better read on . . .

OK, perhaps we're being a little cheeky here. Whilst there are certainly dads who'd appreciate the unsurpassed pinnacle of indoor footwear perfection, there are many more who like to live life outside the tartan comfort zone. Such people like to be challenged, to try new things and perhaps to sample things that will never come their way again. Welcome to the world of the experience gift.

The idea of an experience in a box has been around for a few years now, but as time has passed, the range has grown to cover the wildest dreams of almost everyone, whatever their tastes. Father's Day is the perfect opportunity to treat your dad to a fabulous experience that will both tell him how much you care and give him something wonderful to look forward to.

Many of the experience gifts fit for a dad involve travelling at high speed or at great height. Motor racing, white-water rafting, helicopter buzzing and even aerobatic flying can all be turned into magnificent presents. And motoring doesn't have to be at breakneck speed. If he's ever expressed a wish to take the controls of a JCB or do a spot of near-vertical off-roading, there are experience gifts that fulfil his dreams.

At the other end of the spectrum are the experiences that might not get the adrenaline pumping but will thrill him none the less. They exist to satisfy the wine buff, the wildlife lover and the sightseer in him, and include visits to working vineyards, trips on steam train or serene river boat voyages and watching dolphins in their natural habitats.

And we shouldn't rule out the fact that some dads like to take it really, really easy (yes, it's hard to believe, isn't it?). Pampering and health sanctuary experiences could be the perfect way for overworked, overstressed dads to unwind with the blessing of the family. You could even get one for your mum, too, so they can go together (the wisdom of which you'll no doubt be the best judge).

This is really just a small sample of the experience gifts that would make unbelievable Father's Day Gifts. It doesn't matter what things he's into - there will almost certainly be a gift with his name on it.

Quite often these gifts will cost more than you usually spend on Father's Day, but what better time to club together with your siblings or even your mum to purchase an amazing experience for him?

Written by John Smith co-founder of are one of the UK's leading on-line retailers of Gifts, personalised gifts and Fathers Day Gifts . Their website is packed with over 1,500 gifts for any special occasion.

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A Christian Gift to Our Father in Heaven on Father's Day
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